Beautiful exclusive products, from decorative pillows that are made with your own hands can decorate and add your highlights in the interior. Pillows can be different, e.g. oval, elongated, in the form of beads, round, letters, hearts, everything depends on your imagination and your wishes.

After all, the pillow will emphasize your individuality, create your home a cozy atmosphere, and to convey the mood. On our site you can see not a complex master-classes on manufacturing of different pillows. Pics will help to understand the nuances , and the gradual clarification of ideas stylish decor.

Original decorative pillow Breakfast

Designer pillows

The decor designer pillows you can use various applications and to emphasize the natural and floral motifs, textured patterns. The most important thing to take into account a few rules to easily and quickly make the bed, you need to focus on the originality of the style of your decor. Form your product could be any, not necessarily square or rectangular. All elements of decoration ,decorations will be needed for the pillow.

Decorative pillow with a Bicycle

Covers for pillows

For sewing the cover on the pillow do not have to prepare in advance the pattern on the paper. It is possible to do everything on the fabric. At first , measure the pillow, and to the obtained sizes add a little more to decorate the edges . Drew on the fabric and you can begin to cut out, cooked two pieces and sew. That would be more convenient to use the case you can back either side to add a zipper.

Baby pillow (decorative pillow for children)

If you want to refresh children’s room, perfect some children’s cushions made with your own hands. Any creative mom would do them easily and most importantly not expensive. Just need to pick up the unusual design. For sewing baby pillows use natural materials such as linen or cotton.

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Cute owls

Pillow letter (n)

Today’s most popular pillow letter, because it can be decorated as a crib in the nursery or children’s party, you can also take them out for a photo shoot. And to make this product easy with their hands. And the design do not have to come up with a sandstorm simple ideas you can look on the Internet.

Beautiful pillows for the sofa with their hands

Beautiful cushions for sofa is made with your own hands that can make any home truly special and exclusive. The element of decor to please their loved ones or to give as a gift. Very stylish look on the couch sets with pillows as matryoshka dolls from big to smallest.

Decorative pillows on the couch in the sun

Decorative pillow candy on the couch

Decorative pillows with flowers on the couch

Decorative pillows nodes

Pillows made from old things

If you went through your closet and you have a lot of old things, do not rush to throw them away, you can sew an exclusive pillow. Are you a fan of warm clothes and you have a lot of them, the sweater is perfect for this pillow. Such products are well in the winter, it will give you the warmth and comfort of your home.

Pillows for Valentine’s day

Such a cushion – a nice gift beloved man, and not only on Valentine’s day. It is possible and on new year’s sew ? You will need fabric, thread and a sewing machine. But you can manually knit, although it will be a little longer. In addition, you will need the filler – padding polyester or acrylic. Can use any Size if you change the scale patterns. You need to carve out two parts of the fold and seam. Carefully cut, sew, leaving room to turn out the product, and to fill the pillow with batting.

Decorative pillows in the form of animals

Dog cushion

Original pillow-dog

Two cute penguin

Pillow cats


A selection of decorative pillows with his hands

Beautiful interior cushion in the form of puzzles