In the interior of the bathroom furniture plays an important role. It is selected taking into account the style of the room, as well as requirements for the practicality of use. In particular, when looking for suitable pedestal washbasin, primarily to assess the usability, functionality and dimensions. Let’s look at what are the cabinets and what is important to remember when choosing them.


Cabinets in the bathroom are characterized by their design and method of installation.


This is the most popular form of cabinets under the sink of choice for classic interiors. The advantages of this type of furniture in the bathroom are of easy installation, the possibility of transferring to another location, the variety of stylistic solutions and sizes, as well as the ability to withstand heavy wash-basin (e.g. marble).

The downside of floor curbstones under wash basin referred to as the large dimensions of the product. However, this disadvantage is partially offset impressive internal volume, able to accommodate a large number of things.




Depending on the Foundation of the outdoor Cabinet is on legs or on a solid frame. The first option is more convenient because it allows you to remove the space under the nightstand, to protect the product from water (for example, if it is drained from the washing machine hose on the floor), as well as from heating when installing floor heating.



Since the legs in this pedestal no, the design looks weightless and very stylish. Besides, hanging cabinets under the sink takes up less space than outdoor. In addition, this Cabinet can withstand the flooding, its installation allows you to easily clean up the floor or lay directly under the pedestal of communication.

The downside of this kind of tables can be called the complexity of the attachment. The product can be mounted not on every wall, especially if the sink is scheduled pretty heavy. Also the disadvantages of the suspended models can be attributed to their relatively small internal volume.





The main advantage of this Cabinet is compact in size, so it is chosen for a small bathroom. The product will help to engage the angle almost always remains free in the bathroom. Looks like the corner vanity unit is quite stylish and original, adding to the interior with the furniture, the spaciousness and refinement.




Corner pedestal sink is a floor and pendant. The first option is much easier to install and for installation of suspended structures should have some professional skills.



Popular colors


Cabinet this color often opt for oversized bath, as it will visually add space to a small room. This also determines the popularity of other bright shades, such as cream or milk.




Black, wenge

Cabinets dark colors are gaining popularity, but it is recommended only to owners of spacious bathrooms. Luxurious dark Cabinet in this case will be a bright accent in the room. At the same Cabinet dark shade is undesirable to install in a small bath, if you are looking for even more visually reduce the space and make it look darker.






The color of The wood

Cabinets this shade is often chosen for bathrooms, on the walls, which were used yellow, beige, cream, lemon, caramel tones. In the interior wooden nightstand with natural color will look harmonious and warm.




The range represented in the sale of the cabinets under the sink is wide enough. Let’s consider the main dimensions and their characteristics.

50 cm

This model of Cabinet is ergonomic and often chosen for the interior in a minimalist style. Compact wash basin complemented by a spacious Cabinet with shelves. Although tables of this size are the miniature, its functionality is quite high. Have neat tables with a width of 50 cm can be hinged doors and drawers. Some manufacturers have supplemented their products with Laundry basket.


55 cm

Such a pedestal is more functionality than a product with a width of 50 cm installation saves space of the room. This dresser takes up minimal space but provides maximum benefit. It helps to hide unsightly pipes and cleaning products, making the space more intimate. Modern cabinets with width of 55 cm presented in different variations – from the most modern models modern to not losing the demand of the classics. Buying such cabinets can be considered the best choice for an oversized bathroom.



60 cm

In the Cabinet of such a size is convenient to hide all that is usually stored in the bathroom. Though the dimensions of the model tables can not be called very large, but the capacity it excellent. Shelves cabinets width 60 cm is quite extensive for household chemicals and shower facilities. As the size of the Cabinet can be called the “Golden mean” between the small and large models in size, their range on the market is really huge.


65 cm

Products of this size can be called a comfortable standard. They are very comfortable and practical, while there are many models – floor, corner, pendant. It is sufficient to choose a suitable option and the space your bathroom will be used with maximum benefit. Also worth noting is that tables of this size presented the highest number of design ideas.




70 cm

Products of this size are loved by designers for the opportunity to realize their creative potential. With such tables it is easy to change the design and configuration. The most practical is called combo cabinets, which are neat boxes, and a graceful sash.


75 cm

These tables choose the spacious bathroom, with looking for not just a functional model of washbasin, but also an important element of the interior. Configurations of cabinets with a width of 75 cm quite a lot, and to manufacture them using high quality moisture-resistant materials and corrosion-resistant hardware.



80 cm

This model has the greatest capacity and is often selected for large families, because in such a Cabinet it is possible to allocate a shelf or drawer for each household. Also inside the Cabinet wide 80 cm easily fits household chemicals and Laundry basket.


Tips for choosing

  • Rate how practical and stand the materials from which made stand. Remember that a bathroom is a room with a rather aggressive environment, so choose that room furniture must be protected from moisture, mildew, bacteria, and temperature changes.
  • Look for this version of the cabinets that will fit perfectly into the interior of the room. For example, if all the plumbing and other furniture has a streamlined appearance, the pedestal in the form of strict rectangle will be the bad choice. If you’ve designed the bathroom for the classics, having a luxurious interior with carving on wood and finished in gold, the product in the style of minimalism will be quite appropriate.
  • Carefully consider and evaluate the hardware cabinets. The best choice would be chrome metal legs and arms. If you buy a model with accessories made of chrome-plated plastic, or gold plated, you know that it has a high risk of losing its original appeal during the first months of operation.
  • If you are looking for a stand, which has a colorful cover, before buying, make sure that the paint is flat, and smudges absent.
  • In the bathroom with warm floors, do not purchase a stand that has a base. In such circumstances, a more preferable model with legs, the bottom of which is not heated. Besides, to clean under the pedestal will be easier.
  • To assess the functionality of the cabinets should be on personal preferences. Some people need to in the dresser was a Laundry basket, others are interested in the possibility to regulate the shelves in height, third want if you wish to move the Cabinet to another location. Determine which functions of the Cabinet under the sink for you important and which are unimportant, and then choose the right model.



How to choose installation site?

If you do in the bathroom repair, then a good option is to install the cabinets and sink at the place where previously housed the sink. However, the overhaul gives the opportunity to perform a mini-remodeling and to put the wash basin with pedestal in any convenient place.

First and foremost, keep in mind the placement of the bathroom pipes that lead water and divert socket it into the sewer. Determining the location of the pipes and fittings, refer them to the height of the shelves in the Cabinet. It is desirable that the fittings were displayed, a little above the middle shelf. In the case of sewage directly from the floor Cabinet have to cut to get the holes in the shelf and the bottom for the withdrawal of the corrugated hose.



How to make your own hands?

Foreshadowing the size of the future Cabinet by the sink, next works will be very similar to the manufacture of conventional wardrobe. First do the upper and lower belt, to which is attached sidewall reinforcing them with metal angle brackets. Separately from the Board using a jigsaw we cut the front panel, adjusting it so that the sink “villages” without major gaps. Next, make boards for the doors and drill them in, or hollowed out recesses for the hinges.

Do not forget to firmly secure the Cabinet on the wall. For shelves inside the Cabinet you can use water-resistant plywood. When all the details are well customized, will sand the wood and cover it with varnish. If desired, one side of our cabinets installable stacks, if you attach it on a separate shelf frame and then to the side wall of the Cabinet.



How to install?

Making sure that the water supply and Sewerage summed up correctly, unpack the components, including the handles, key and screws. Often, the set is supplemented by a map of the Assembly that will tell you the procedure. Make sure that all screws have been firmly tightened, as by installing the sink, tightening the screws will no longer be available.

Putting the sink Cabinet, and then connecting to it the necessary communications, the Cabinet must be moved to the planned location. Making marks on the wall at the points of mounting bolts, remove the Cabinet and make in the marked areas of the hole. Attaching the Cabinet to the wall, you will only need to connect water and drains, making sure that leaks are absent.