Smart appliances are an integral part of interior design and modern kitchen design or a kitchen-Studio. And if the toaster or the blender is easy to hide in a locker, the place under the fridge, with his decent size, even for a small family, we have to choose wisely. Let’s think about where to put the fridge in the kitchen so that freedom of movement to keep, and to provide a convenient approach to it, and organically fit into the interior.

Loft-style white kitchen with vintage fridge looks very organic

The fridge in eco-style, placing it near the window can be observed in the inset of glass a reflection of the nature

Built-in refrigerator niche the same color as the hood

Fridge the color of the metal looks great in any style interior
Arranging furniture in the kitchen, we proceed from the configuration of our room. Finished painting the interior depends on the total square footage of the room, its geometrical shape and, of course, personal reasons of the owner. Since the refrigerator is an integral part of furniture, it is subject to the laws of planning.

If you don’t want to focus on the refrigerator, using the same color in the environment you can easily hide it.
Well, if a kitchen in a private home oversized. It is a volumetric unit to supply not difficult, but what if the kitchen is small or has an unusual geometric shape? In this case the designers have stocked up a few exhaust options for the placement of the refrigerator in the kitchen, which we will consider.

In the Studio apartment fridge built into a small wall not only provides comfort in the kitchen, but also serves as part of the zoning

General principles

Whatever the imagination is not called for your head to move away from the General, vital principles of placement of furniture and appliances in the kitchen, you will not succeed. Remember that the stove and sink is tied to communications, “to walk” in the kitchen is difficult for them. Now in the zones.

The wet area includes the sink, dishwasher and washing machine. They are all connected by the drain, which is necessary for their work.
The hot zone consists of cooker, oven or hob. With the aim of fire safety it is removed from the window and not “friendly” to high furniture, especially the fridge.
The cutting table is located in the vicinity of the first two zones. Thus, to observe the basic principle of ergonomics: less movements, more benefits.

If your house has stairs, it is rational to use the space under it, for example to incorporate a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets
symmetry refrigerator kitchen
Symmetric composition in the kitchen – fridge and freezer in opposite corners of the wall
Armed with spelled out rules and consider a corner kitchen with fridge, dishes small and large, built-in and freestanding unit.

 The large kitchen space has allocated a separate wall for the placement of refrigeration equipment, hiding it behind the white furniture facades

Corner kitchen with fridge

In the corner of the kitchen workspace is a visual triangle, the perimeter of which is located all the necessary equipment. Parallel working area of the kitchen is given, usually under the dining table and decor items. And what about the refrigerator? Designers suggest to place it in one of the opposite vertices of the triangle, that is, either at the window or at the door. In this embodiment, are stored optimal user-friendliness overall technique. For clarity of perception, examine design a kitchen with a fridge that we picked up for you.

blue wood kitchen refrigerator Kitchen design made of wood with painted facades in nice blue color – unusual solution. The refrigerator took its place in the corner near the window
red kitchen style original refrigerator stoolBright corner kitchen, where the refrigerator was allocated a place near the door
white kitchen refrigerator stoolSpacious white kitchen with built in corner fridge
Tip: scroll to fridge space on the end of a long side of a corner of the kitchen. If you put the device near the window, hang door refrigerators and freezers the way you prefer to use them.
If you are lucky and you are the owner of a large space, the angular arrangement of the furniture, the fridge can take a seat in the corner. It will serve as a dividing element between the sink and stove, however they have to be away from him for the distance unit with cabinets and open shelves.
wood kitchen refrigeratorUnconventional layout of the kitchen area in the loft where at the end of cabinets with dark grey facades hiding the fridge
Small kitchen with fridge

The owners of small kitchens join the ranks of innovators and inventors. Agree to squeeze in 5 or 6 meters large “beast” that is the problem. But there are some educated options.

yellow refrigerator kitchenBright green refrigerator rounded forms fit perfectly in a small kitchen with bionic forms
Firstly, it is necessary to choose the narrow model of the refrigerator. Fortunately, the manufacturers do not forget about the “Khrushchev” architecture and produce a very decent examples of modern units with a thin “waist.”Narrow refrigerator saves space in a small kitchen
Secondly, for those of us daring and rebellious, you can merge the kitchen with the adjacent room, resulting in the Studio.
Removing walls in the apartment we got a large Studio where everything fell into place
Thirdly, there is a ready solution from the designers who suggest to put the stove, sink and fridge in one row. In this embodiment, the refrigerator is often the window.Interesting color solution of the kitchen as all the equipment the same bright colors on a contrasting dark background
Fourth, remove the door and put the refrigerator in a small kitchen, appliances clearance denoting the beginning of the working space.
Compact furniture placement in a small kitchen
Fifth, by separately cooling chamber and the freezer, and place them under work surfaces, in any configuration.
When there is little space to comfortably accommodate a small fridge and freezer under worktop.
Kitchen with integrated fridge

Built-in kitchens were created for the sake of those who are drawn to the fusion of forms and lines. They have no cutting space of the joints and devices stand out, nothing disturbs the interior picture. All closed facades, made in the same style. In this kitchen will find the refrigerator, but it distance owners.Nice kitchen, mint color, facade, behind which lurks hotelname technique

Refrigerator, hidden behind furniture facades, provide visual comfort to fans of the fusion of forms and lines. And it is very aesthetically pleasing and beautifulBright blue kitchen with glossy fronts and integrated appliances within

The perfect cellar
luxury kitchen refrigerator white blackExquisite kitchen design does not spoil the modern appliances that hid behind antiquated facades
Kitchen with built-in refrigerator models are available in which ventilation is performed with the end product, allowing you to place the device anywhere. The usual device, with rear ventilation, placed in an open niche, masking door furniture facades.Creative idea – a refrigerator hidden inside the kitchen units with slate facades to records
Externally, the fridge looks like a normal wardrobe
Another option – separate modules. The freezer and the cooling chamber is put in a horizontal row, saving on vertical load of the kitchen and forming the lower pieces of furniture in the equal height line.A very convenient solution – the refrigerator located under the work surface
The classical solution

In most of the design classics of the genre remain a free-standing refrigerators in the kitchen, no matter what size it was. The justification of such planning due to long-standing tradition. In addition, the best manufacturers of home appliances provide its creation of exquisite designs that add a special charm to the interiors. Mistress proud of my purchase, flaunt luxury brands, paying tribute to fashion, and own financial possibilities.Bright red refrigerator are a great retro accent in your kitchen design
creative original refrigerator decorationRefrigerator with unusual contrasting pattern
We could not pass side and the refrigerator kitchen design with exclusive solutions that transform the usual appliances in a stylish art object. Starting from the popular magnets and a smooth transition to make the original device image, we get not only a useful technical device, but also an exquisite decoration.

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