design of children's rooms

One day a child appears in your family, and the world around you takes on a completely different shape. In the house there are new things: children’s furniture, clothes, toys. �? at the same time there is a question…

How to place all this??!
How convenient, beautiful and tasteful to furnish a children’s room? Where better to order furniture in the nursery for a baby and a teenager? How to choose a balance between beauty and functionality?! And if the whole family is placed in one room, the question of arrangement of the corner for the child and does become a reason for serious reflection. After all, a room for a child is a part of his world; a place where he feels like a master. Which means he must like being there.

wooden bunk bed

Well, as long as your baby is small, everything goes fine: you make out his little world as you like, successfully finding an acceptable combination of interiors. But children grow up, they have their own preferences. �? this does not mean that their tastes will be exactly the same as yours. �? to the issue of registration of the children’s room was not the cause of misunderstanding, let me offer you some advice.

First of all, it is not necessary to create a children’s interior to realize their own failed children’s dreams. Perhaps your daughter does not dream to have Wallpaper with pictures of Barbie on the walls, and the boy is not interested in lockers in the style of LEGO. Try to take into account their own Hobbies and allow them to participate in the joint solution of the issue of design of the room.

Don’t panic! Let’s order:
First of all, it is very important to determine the color scheme of the room for children. There is no more stupid and tasteless opinion that for boys everything should be blue, and for girls – pink. Even if the child himself will insist on such a decision, try to find a compromise: try to buy furniture in the nursery to order, given the preferences of the child — offer to make the main range and other color moments. For example, the presence of shades of green and yellow in the room has a beneficial effect on the mood of the person.
The next important issue is the creation of a secure environment. Children are very mobile and restless creatures. So, the floor should not be slippery, and the furniture must be purchased not only beautiful, but also stable, made of durable materials. It can be wood or high-quality environmental plastic. Furniture made of cheap materials, with poor quality coating, can emit toxic substances. Regular air poisoning will cause serious harm to your baby. Of course, products made of environmentally friendly materials are expensive, but the child’s health is not the case where you should save.
Other questions in the development of the interior for the child – a matter of taste and preferences: your and your child. This topic is inexhaustible, there are a lot of options. The shape and size of the bed and wardrobe, the type of table and bookshelf options, design of Windows and doors, the choice of lamp, etc. If you can not find a common solution or confused, developing design options, you can seek the advice of a specialist.

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Sorry, but proposition will not work for everyone so watch the idea of how to place children’s rooms in the same room with comfort!