As they say “the color to the choice,” sofa from pallet do it yourself is not difficult) the main thing correctly to distribute duties, the man of common (well, in the course of polishing-paint-lacquer) pallets, and the favorite is sewing covers for mattresses (mattresses made from regular upholstery foam, which is in the midst of a bulk)

Everything complex and unusual is created from simple things. Thanks to the creative and creative approach, one of these “simple” devices — a pallet — received a new purpose and a second life.

The practicality of these simple devices was appreciated not only by designers, but also by craftsmen who can and love to make their own hands.

Pallet, or pallet, or pallet — a wooden structure of rectangular shape, which serves as a stand for cargo during transportation. At the bottom of the structure there are recesses (for gripping the fork of the loader) and projections (for fastening the slings when moving in a suspended state). The weight of one such pallet is about 15-20 kg, and the sizes vary from 120×80 to 120×120.

Distinctive feature
The specifics of the use of the design involves a certain load-lifting load (sometimes up to a ton), so in the manufacture of pallets used hardwood. This means that pallets — eco-friendly and durable “material”, respectively, in the interior can be used even used pallets. For example, when you design a terrace or garden, which does not require impeccable aesthetics of the material.

According to furniture stores, such furniture is in demand and sold well.

Unlimited possibility
Having shown ingenuity, from a small number of pallets without special skills it is possible to build a sleeping place or, for example, to create a “sofa zone” for the living room.

Unassuming ogenericcialise bed

Individual parts can be used to create a small furniture set for the reading corner.

If you attach rotating rollers to the bottom of the pallet, you will get a mobile coffee table. You can extend the functional tasks of the table with the help of several pallets. Thus, adjusting the height of the table by the number of pallets, you can create additional shelves for storing decor elements, magazines and other small things.

Sofas from the pallet - Decor ideas

Coffee and coffee tables and coffee tables

And this miniature table is suitable for Breakfast in bed.

If you show a little more imagination, you can easily make hanging benches.

If you have time and hard work you are not afraid, you can surprise and please the whole home storage system.

And for such a simple device does not need to invent anything.

Armed with a brush and a can of paint, a light movement of the hand pallet turns into a Shoe stand.
Well, if you do not have time or, say, doubt your abilities, but the original furniture you are interested in, you can ask for help from designers — creative people will always find original solutions!

Combination of materials: wood and leather materials: wood and leather

Sofas from the pallet - Decor ideas

Perhaps there is no such thing, which could not be created from pallets, so they are becoming very popular in recent years. And what to dissemble, the low cost of the material — a weighty argument!

Sofas on the pallet

Photo of pallet sofas

sofa in a small room made from pallets

black sofa made from pallets


sofa made from pallets on the street

shot down the boards with the pallet, from which made sofa

corner sofa made with pallet

soft corner sofa made with pallet

corner sofa for street, made with pallet

corner sofa for street, made with pallet

corner sofa with a table made with pallet

Sofas from the pallet – Decor ideas