Your furniture will probably serve you faithfully for many years, but its appearance is not aesthetically pleasing? To correct the situation enough to change the upholstery, which you can do yourself, saving on services of furniture. The proposed simple algorithm and some useful tips that will help to make the process of restringing the sofa or chair is a quick and productive.

Bright chair decorates the interior
When you might need upholstering of soft furniture?

In the process of exploitation upholstery loses its appeal, brightness, ANTOR group has, and, perhaps, integrity. The frame of the furniture remains durable and reliable. Buying a new piece of furniture is irrational, because it is only possible to change the upholstery.

It so happens that the furniture is in almost perfect condition, but you made the repair, and the color of the trim now fits the interior. Perhaps you have dreamed about a specific model of the couch, but it comes in a modest range of colors. And it will help change upholstery.

To make data manipulation with furniture with his own hands, of course, advantageous, but not always, the result will be perfect.

White armchair in black and blue patterns

Yellow sofa in the living room

How to quickly update the sofa

In some cases, can not do without the help of professionals?

If the term of operation exceeds 10 years. Probably crimpelene upholstery has damage to the frame elements. When peretic furniture all defects must be corrected, and at hand may not be the right tool or spare parts.
If the furniture is custom design, and its elements – a complex shape. Having no experience, you may not be able to re-assemble the disassembled product of intricate design. And unusual details that require knowledge in the area of cut, in order to correctly determine the shape and size of the fragment of the future upholstery.
If you intend to fit the furniture with leather. This is a difficult material to work, and the house is not always possible to perform quality work.
Chair with a pink base and an original pillow Computer chairs for polka dots

Sofas and armchairs in a cage

Dismantle furniture

The process begins with the bottleneck stage of the disassembly of furniture products into its individual parts. Here the order of actions depends on the configuration of furniture, usually first disconnect the armrests (if any), then the back and the mattress. Most likely, you will need a few screwdrivers of different sizes. All mounting hardware put in a pre-allocated capacity to the Assembly not to deal with a shortage of mounts. Itemize all parts and sketch on paper the scheme, then you know exactly how to assemble.

Tip: record the disassembly process on video or make a photo report, so you will receive clear instructions for Assembly.
Beautiful sofa covered with blue velvet
Remove the padding

A flat screwdriver to raise the staples that secure the upholstery material, and then using pliers remove the staples. Work carefully not to damage the upholstery – it is needed.

Tip: before beginning this stage to lay on the floor with plastic or Newspapers. The fact is that removing the upholstery from old furniture will crumble crumbled foam and debris.

Cut out upholstery

Here is why we need the old upholstery – we use it as patterns. When cutting make an additional allowance of 1-2 cm, so you, as a layman, it was easier to perform installation of the material. Buying upholstery fabric, always take with a reserve. If in the process you will find that the fabric is not enough, not the fact that the store still has it. Probably brought another party, and the shade on several different tones.

Tip: if you have bought much more fabric than spent, posate it from additional elements of décor – cushions, lampshades. So you will create a harmonious and stylish interior.

Wrap the piece of furniture

Before you pull a tissue, you need to carefully prepare the substrate. Foam on top, or “sandwich” box spring make sure to provide padding polyester batting or interlining. This gasket will protect the upholstery fabric from abrasion from the inside, will facilitate the process of stretching the upholstery and will prolong its service life. If you are using a fairly thick layer of padding, the furniture will be noticeably softer.

Pull the material must be thoroughly, well, if you have a helper. The fabric should be stretched equally in all places, from all sides and in every direction. Then the product will look neat, padding will not deform over time. Fix the upholstery is easiest furniture stapler, but the old – fashioned way with nails and a hammer.

Tip: in places where you need to stitch the fragments of upholstery, use a special thread for upholstery fabrics – they are stronger and more durable than ordinary sewing.

Assemble furniture

Operate strictly on a photo or video, which we prudently made when disassembling furniture. If you were limited to the numbering of the parts to assemble the product having a map too easy.

The nuances of choice upholstery fabrics

Fabric pasted on it with fine bristles is a flock, a popular upholstery fabric. The flock has a high decorative properties and wide range of colors, it is soft and easy to clean. To prevent abrasion of the flock, it is covered with Teflon, this material is called Kurtizan.

Beautiful velour is sometimes called furniture velvet for its refined decoration. This material is practical and durable, however, possible shrinkage, loss of NAP, abrasion in active operation.

Fluffy, soft and inexpensive channel in no way inferior to the velour, and in some cases even surpasses it. Channel not subject to shrinkage, the surface form pellets or “bald spots”, the hairs on wrinkled, the fabric does not burn and does not rot.

Very unusual picturesindian jacquard and tapestry, of course, if you’re not a fake. The fabric is quite durable, but subject to deformations and can not tolerate contact with moisture.

The most practical upholstery is microfiber. The fabric has dust properties, the resistance to contamination. Microfiber is easy to wash does not change color and does not warp. The only disadvantage is a significant price.

Turn an old boring piece of furniture into a brand new and stylish furniture masterpiece! Perform the upholstery with your hands, you will save money and get new skills.

Hammock for the garden with their hands