The sofa is the Central object in the room. First, according to its functional task, it is designed to gather all the inhabitants around him. Well, physically, it is the largest object in the room, and its role in the color design is, as a rule, determining. And do not buy a sofa every year, it’s still expensive.

But what if the owner – a man moving and changeable, and the sofa is always the same? Of course, you can change or host, or sofa, but it’s better to compromise. Senior master here, so the compromise happens entirely at the expense of the sofa. But he will not suffer, but he just has to go through the process of transformation. Sometimes it’s so painless that the couch can just stand next to it.

The interior is always present upholstered furniture. It is practical and incredibly comfortable. But over time, the appearance of the sofa deteriorates. The fabric loses its rich color, stretches. Due to the constant use, on the sofa can appear various dirt and stains. Frequent and mechanical damage to the upholstery: breaks, holes, cuts or scratches. There is a natural question: how to update the old sofa?

The two men on the doorstep and the dog ate the couch? Do temporary application of merriwa on the glue gun! Feature upholstered furniture lies in its ongoing use. The sofa can be designed not only for sitting, but also for sleeping. With constant contact, friction and use, first of all, the upholstery fabric of the sofa suffers.

White lace looks great on an old sofa. See more about Sofas that can be done personally