Hammock – a convenient place to relax, able to decorate any country plot. The product, invented by the South American Indians, allowed not only to provide a comfortable sleep, but also effectively protect against flying midges and night moisture inherent in this area. Modern people use the hammock mainly for daytime short rest in order to relax in the shade of the trees, enjoying the rustle of the leaves and the singing of birds. There is nothing complicated about making a hammock with your own hands. It is enough just to stock up on the necessary materials, tools and the desire to create an original and functional element of the interior.

General recommendations for the manufacture of hammocks

Hammock can be not only a wonderful decoration of the site, but quite a useful piece of furniture. Deciding to create a product, swaying in which it is pleasant to restore strength after a hard day, each of us will be useful to know a few basic rules:

  • the Material of manufacture. Before you make the hammock, you need to consider the variation of the order, and correctly pick the fabric. To create a durable product, it is desirable to choose camouflage, canvas, canvas fabric, calico or mattress teak. Synthetic materials, despite the fact that they are lighter and no less durable, it is not desirable to use for sewing products, because they do not allow the body to breathe.
  • Cords for wicker hammock. When choosing ropes, it is better to give preference to cotton threads, rather than synthetic ones. With cords made of natural fibres are easier to work in the manufacture of products for weave and tighten the knots, and also to get in touch during the holidays.
  • Reliability of mounting supports. To place the hammock as possible between the supports or poles, and between the two neighboring trees in the garden. If the arrangement of the hammock is specially poles are being installed, they must be sunk not less than a meter. Among garden trees the choice should be stopped on such, diameter of trunks which not less than 20 cm.
  • Height of suspension. The height of the hammock hanging above the ground is 1.5-1.6 meters. The distance between the supports is calculated as follows: the length of the product is added 30 cm, an average of 2.75-3 meters. In the absence of the possibility to change the distance between the supports, the length of the hammock can be varied by changing the height of the suspension, creating a stronger deflection or changing the tension.

Hammock for outdoor recreationA knitted hammock of color of a sea wave will decorate your interior.

Fixing knot

First fix the rope based on.

Turquoise pattern

And then we begin to weave a pattern that you like. Let your imagination run wild!

Decor with own hands

The technology of weaving of the cords of the hammock is pretty simple.

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