Furniture made from pallets (36 photos)

Furniture sets can sometimes be rather expensive, but this method of design is an interesting alternative – furniture of a cargo pallet or pallets. Country and garden furniture from pallets has its own flavor, suitable for a suburban area. This is not surprising – wooden pallets are an environmentally friendly product, and with the right approach to decor, you can create more unique furniture. Garden furniture and garden furniture from pallets is to create a special atmosphere of country style or Provence – depending on the design of wood blocks.

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Furniture made from pallets for cafes, offices, cottages
In today’s world, more and more people pay attention to the original and unusual things, wanting such pieces of furniture to see at home or in the country. Today the furniture which is made of pallets, thanks to ecological compatibility and originality, mobility and universality of finished products becomes more and more popular.

Unusual use of conventional wooden pallets

Most recently, pallets were used only for transportation, storage of any goods, and today all over the world they are made of all kinds of fashionable and unusual furniture, fences, fences, stairs, shelves, etc.

Eco-design is a popular style of the XXI century, which limits designers in the choice of materials. But they found a very good way out, starting to make a variety of furniture from pallets. In addition to its uniqueness, these products do not require any special care, they are convenient, suitable for daily use, but most importantly — environmentally friendly, because they are made of wood.

Perhaps the first time you heard about the furniture from pallets, you imagine not very neatly knocked together boxes, which does not fit into any interior. But this is not so. Furniture, designed in this way, until it gets into the master’s house, is not one stage of processing.

The first is the sanding, the wood becomes smooth, pleasant appearance.
The second – after her future piece of furniture is adjusted to the size required by the client.
The third step – priming and painting with varnish or paint, which helps to extend the life of the object.
As a result of this work is an interesting furniture, which is convenient to use. It is important that its price is much less than the cost of similar products from other materials.

Where to buy furniture from pallets?
So, depending on the application of products, style of your interior or exterior in the catalog you are guaranteed to find the desired items of high quality in any color. In addition, you can add functionality, for example, by connecting a colorful bed with a chest of drawers, creating a unique product to order. Such solutions are just a salvation for small rooms. So you will be able to use one object for two purposes, while saving space. In addition, with the help of furniture from pallets for giving, which our masters will perform for you individually, you can change your room beyond recognition, only ordering a bright piece of interior. Color solutions are available on the website of our store.

Environmental style has taken pride of place among our people, who liked it for its simplicity, comfort and convenience. It is no secret that in the age of information technology people began to strive more and more for the natural environment, perhaps that is why many prefer wooden interior items. For example, with these materials, you can easily construct the desired, satisfying the tastes of even the most capricious customer.
The best option for giving — furniture from pallets!
Furniture made of pallets for giving is the best option, because it is affordable, environmentally friendly, has high functionality and versatility. You can bring comfort not only to the bedroom of a private house, but also the kitchen, making, for example, it in the style of Provence. To do this, you need only a spacious table of pallets, which is covered with solid glass or knocked down a wooden table top. Such products will help to convey the rustic spirit of the room, keep an unbiased atmosphere of relaxation.

Also widely used furniture pallets for decorating the garden, a variety of options is striking. In various glossy magazines and on television screens we can see unusual garden swings, chairs and couches or decorative tables made of pallets. Today, products from secondary raw materials in General have become a separate segment of the industry. Such design solutions are fraught with huge benefits. Yes, the furniture made of pallets, a wooden interior, but unlike the latter it is much weighs less, looks sleeker, more modern.

Furniture from recycled – it’s fashionable, unusual, relevant. It will help to create a stylish exterior, interior spaces for various purposes. Special attention should be paid to the high strength of raw materials, excellent quality of natural wood, which together give a unique combination of interesting ideas of the designer and respect for nature.

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The refrigerator in the kitchen

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Furniture made of pallets (pallet) can be made in different ways – sofas, tables, children’s desks, chairs, shelves, racks, etc., depending on the imagination. The design of such furniture is very simple – piled on top of other pallets to form a table, but if attached to a pallet rollers, you can get a mobile coffee table. So, deciding to make furniture out of pallets with their hands, will not require much of skills and efforts.

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Modern boudoir