Fantastic bugiani interior Studio apartment

Ideal layout for an apartment

Clients — a couple of Mature age, passionate lovers of travel and connoisseurs of noble restrained style and comfort, so to speak, “intelligent interior”. Such congenial interiors creates designer Olga Akulova, which asked a couple.

The apartment is located in the house of post-war construction, because the room required some reconstruction. One of the main tasks was to optimize the space, so during the restoration work dismantled all the extra partitions and interior doors, and the apartment turned from a two-room into a one-room.

The plan of the apartment
The whole process from development to implementation of the project took about a year. But customers waited patiently and the time was not wasted. Doing their favorite hobby — traveling, they simultaneously carried out the choice of furniture and accessories. So, many pieces of furniture were brought from abroad, but still there was a place for objects of domestic producers, such as bookshelves and a dining table. By the way, the table is the Central element and the starting point.

Connecting element — dining area
Due to the addition of the balcony to the main living volume, it was possible to increase the small space of the kitchen.

This technique also allowed to simulate the space for a small working area, which is located in another part of the “balcony”.

The interior is restrained, but not without accents: muted shades of cream and beige dilutes wood of different textures and tones. An elegant addition is the reading chair purple.

The library, by the way, was one of the obligatory conditions of the owners, as they can not imagine life without a book (here it is the wisdom of adulthood).

The doors were replaced with fabric curtains, but the bathroom doors were left.

The bedroom continues the color direction.

Unassuming interior beat original decor. Coffee table, floor lamp, statuette — all creates a special charm.

The bedroom in light gray colors is ideal for relaxation.

Wallpaper with a pattern in the cage is soothing to the eyes.

White kitchen is a joy for any mistress.Correctly organized work area for the kitchen

It takes up little space and is very spacious

Workplace in minimalism is ideal for work.

A huge window will always please the eye in the bedroom. Many greenery will give freshness in the room. A spacious bright living room for relatives and friends. Comfortable relaxation chair made of leather scrapsRelaxing place for reading

To store things in this style Original shelves.