These crazy stool by Belgian designer Kaspar Hamacher is called “Ausgebrannt”. This furniture was created as a result of exposure to heat and flame.
Kaspar Hamacher begins his project by cleaning the logs of bark, then puts criss cross burning logs so that they burn through the void, leaving the four legs of the chair uneven rough forms. After “flaming” chair works again cleared from the top layer of wood, polished, processed in the inner part of the legs.

Original tall wooden stool

The idea of the designer of these stools can be used to create unusual furniture for garden and summer house.
Cut, arson, cleared. Voila!

Kaspar Hamacher ispolzue Agnano-sculpture for syzdavna on velikolepni drveni furniture

Belgiske designer Kaspar Hamacher work from prosepine si instinct, kogato SYSDBA velikolepnia si furniture from dyro. Called “Ausgebrannt” (“Burnt Out”), negovata collection from drveni Masi and table e cystadane, ispolzuyte ANOVA, koeto Mauger Yes se the forest named “non-traditional” job technique: ogyn Skulpturen. The sin on the mountain, Hamachi e Rodin in credata on gorath, cydata dnes Namir surovina for shadownet on cestice si, rude and edinstveni on the kind of si projects.

For Yes guide sharelite si design, Kaspar Hamacher ispolzue mestni of drveta, koito sa or sa Padali beat Myrtle Nai Malko three years. That Rossica namerenie parcheta, segmenti, striga guy from korath them and the trail Tova ispolzue ogyn, Yes indyca trunk, Yes SYSDATE of krakato.

Hamac e drvodelic trained, taught product design in Holland. Work e bruxel and isluga the proektit si for Panera on Furniture in Milano and other European Vagni izlozbi. But the trail MicroSCADA si experience that decide and that Byrne in gorath and Yes SYSDATE his own Atelier close to radnia si deg.

White wood in this interior is very beautiful.

The tree is always in fashion

Stools of any size Graceful tree

This chair is ideal for open terraces.