Competent design is a question not only of arrangement of conditions for the person, but also the organization of space for his things. Thus, an integral element of a quality design project are various storage systems, such as cabinets, drawers, chests of drawers, shelves and hangers. The latter — a very simple, but no less interesting detail of the premises.

The modern market offers customers a great variety of different options for such a simple object as a floor hanger. Very often its importance in the interior is underestimated, losing sight of the fact that the harmonious interior is built primarily on the little things. By itself, the hanger should have only two components: a vertical support and branched parts from it, acting as hooks.

�?sometimes the hooks can be placed in one functional level, sometimes — in two or even three. For example, from top to bottom: hats and scarves, clothes, umbrellas and bags. The number of criteria by which the hanger can be selected depends solely on the owner and therefore is not limited. However, it is possible to distinguish several basic ones: compliance of the design with the background style of the interior, texture, material, color scheme and compliance with the expected scale of the function (it will be a decorative hanger in the living room or hangers in the office, replacing the functions of the Cabinet).

The classic material for the floor hanger is, of course, wood, but the modern market is diligently breaking this stereotype, introducing the production of hangers made of metal, plastic and even glass. Such solutions look bold and easily fit into modern styles like minimalism, high-tech and eclecticism.

As for the actual wooden hangers, they are organically combined with the now popular Scandinavian style, whether they are made of bleached oak or wood shade wenge. This style in the world of design is associated primarily with naturalness and brevity. So what could be more suitable here than a wooden hanger made in the form of a stylized crown, on the branches of which, in fact, the necessary things are stored? Often this move is used a reverse logic: do not create “living tree” of treated parts, and assemble the hanger with relatively typical factory design of the raw branches of the tree. This interpretation looks bold and impressive.

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