If your bathroom is spacious, it easily accommodated plumbing, furniture, washer, dryer and many other items. The same owners bath, which we have to appreciate every square inch in this room, you can suggest this option to save the free space as a closet for the washing machine.


This furniture will replace the hanging shelves, cabinets, or hooks, as well as helping to hide the body technique. What features of cabinets for washing machines, you should know in advance whether you can make this furniture with his own hands, and how to install it?







For cabinets in the bathroom it is important to choose materials that are not afraid of water and high humidity. They must be attractive in appearance.

For wardrobe, hiding in the bathroom the washing machine is often used:





Most often this type of furniture is a rectangular or square Cabinet. If you select the corner option, there is a possibility to set the Cabinet with semi-circular doors.


Cabinet combined with washing machine can be:




Possible wall option?

This Cabinet option, under which will be placed a washing machine is also available in the market. In overhead Cabinet easy to hide the meters and communications, as well as to place many small items. Between the washing machine and the lower part of the Cabinet must remain a small gap. Often for visual expansion of space model of a cupboard in the bathroom is complemented by a glass door.




Quite often, the wardrobe, inside of which is a washing machine, bought individually to fit the size, but the market there are ready-made options. For example, the popular company IKEA offers a convenient model for such a Cabinet, made of chipboard with a protective film. The model is called Lillangen and is available in white and black and brown.

This tall narrow Cabinet width 64 cm, inside which are installed two shelves (can be adjusted for height) and two towel racks. The product also features a adjustable plastic legs for greater stability of the model and protect the Cabinet from moisture.


Hinged model of the Cabinet for the washing machine produces a Russian company Vod ok. Product width is 60 cm, and a wardrobe made from MDF. It has two shelves and top compartment with hinged doors, complemented with closers for smooth closing.

How to make your own hands?

If you are not satisfied with the range of finished cabinets for the bathroom in stores, you can always build the product yourself. However, you must have at least the basic skills of joinery and special tools.

First draw a draft of the future Cabinet, to calculate all the dimensions and contact the furniture manufacturers in the city. Order particle Board or MDF with cut and take away the finished parts. Home guard metal corners and screws, then install the Cabinet in its place. If desired, this Cabinet can be fitted with shelving or drawers.


Installation tips




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