I’m sure each of you have faced a bunch of problems when buying sofa in the living room. Not satisfied with the size, the color of the wood, the quality of materials or price. And with the words “Oh, everything” ran with a furniture store in a crappy mood. We accelerate development to inform you that there is a way! Why not make the sofa by yourself?
To anything sarcastic applause, it is really a good way to save money and make exactly what you wanted. If you have minimum skills of work with wood and need a tool this task for you. Take a look at 35 ideas sofas, maybe it will inspire you and save the family budget. Enjoy …

To make an unusual sofa with your hands, you will need the right material. Furniture boards made of wood or thick plywood are optimally suited for these purposes. The material must be such that the structure can cope with a certain load.

Laid some stock sizes for fixing upholstery. Figured details it is more convenient to make of fiberboard, and then to strengthen boards.

The soft part is preferable to do multilayer. Used foam with different thickness and density. It is fixed to the seat and back of the sofa, as well as on the sides.
The foam is closed by a synthetic winterizer.
On top of these layers pull the covers from upholstery fabrics. Case you can sew it yourself or have ready, if the fabric is too thick.

Legs get in shops with furniture accessories. Pillows will help to make the sofa more comfortable.

Sofa book: how to make your own hands
Start to make a sofa book with their hands should be with the creation of the main frame elements of the structure. It is the seat and the back, sides and drawer for storage.

• Box

Begin work with the manufacture of the box. You will need to take two boards with a length of one hundred ninety centimeters and eighty centimeters. Their width is twenty centimeters, and the thickness of two and a half centimeters. Also need four bars 20cm long and with a cross section of 5x5cm.
From these materials collect a box.
Complement the design slats mounted transversely of boards with a length of 80cm, a width of 5cm and a thickness of 2 cm Bottom closed with a sheet of MDF with dimensions 190х80см.
• Seat and back
To make the frames seat and back, take the timber with a cross section of 40x60cm. Make a rectangle 189х65см. Log details connect with nails and screws, rassverlivat holes. To the finished framework is attached slats of wood. They will become a support for the mattress.
• Armrests
First, from the chipboard sheet, the thickness of which is 2.5 cm, cut the side walls of the sofa. Then for the same size of the break frame, to which is attached cut the wall. On lateral sides of a box drill apertures a drill with a diameter of 10 mm.
• Assembly
When all the frames are assembled, the details of the sofa connect. To assemble a sofa book with your own hands, you will need special mechanisms. They are sold in stores accessories designed for upholstered furniture. They are fixed so that between the back and the seat was a gap of 1cm (when they are spread out). When folded, the seat should not go beyond the level of the armrests.
• Foam laying
On top of the slats is fixed to the interlining. On it and laid foam sheets with a thickness of about six inches. To sheet correctly placed on the frame and did not close the transformation mechanism, cut out the pieces in the corners.

To the edge of the seat to make a soft cushion, there is glued a strip of Provolone thickness of 2cm and a width of 20. Paste on top of another sheet of foam having a thickness of 4cm of the Edge is folded down under the seat. Similar actions are performed with the back. Then on the back and seat covers are stretched, sewn in size.

To make soft armrests, they make a roller of foam. The foam used thickness of 4cm band Width 15cm at the beginning and the middle is reduced to 5cm.
On top of the foam is fixed 2cm thick. To the inner side of the armrest is glued such foam at a distance of 32cm from the bottom edge.
After gluing back of the foam sheet is fixed on top of the already available material. The excess is trimmed.
On the front side of the armrest there are protruding edges that you want to tuck.
Finished parts are covered with fabric and nailed to them accessories.
It remains only to collect the sofa with his hands completely.

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