Extendable ideas for kitchen

It seems that the area of ​​the kitchen has not changed, but it accommodated a lot more things, and in the optimal way, so that it became much more convenient to work in the kitchen.
Are we rationally using kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves? Some of them are quite practical, while others are not. As a rule, closets are the most practical. Which have drawers and shelves. They provide more convenient access. There are many kinds of them, in one you can put bottles, pans, knives, kitchen boards, into other appliances, products and stuff. In addition, you can even make a mini-pantry that fits into one or two of your cabinets and has a bunch of drawers. Here are a lot of ideas, showing how you can use the drawers of the kitchen. Enjoy!

pan drawer drawer kitchen water tap drawer drawer white kitchen

Kitchen sets with facades made of natural wood

Designer stools from logs which you can do yourself!

 drawer drawer white kitchen pan drawer drawer kitchen pan water tap drawer drawer wood kitchen drawer drawer vegetables kitchen water tap drawer drawer white kitchen


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