Extendable ideas for kitchen

It seems that the area of ​​the kitchen has not changed, but it accommodated a lot more things, and in the optimal way, so that it became much more convenient to work in the kitchen.
Are we rationally using kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves? Some of them are quite practical, while others are not. As a rule, closets are the most practical. Which have drawers and shelves. They provide more convenient access. There are many kinds of them, in one you can put bottles, pans, knives, kitchen boards, into other appliances, products and stuff. In addition, you can even make a mini-pantry that fits into one or two of your cabinets and has a bunch of drawers. Here are a lot of ideas, showing how you can use the drawers of the kitchen. Enjoy!

To the small kitchen has always been a place for a toaster and a combine, a free table top and a spacious dining table, we offer to apply a few simple tricks. They will make your kitchen comfortable even if it is the size of a Twister field.

Roll-out Cabinet

If you install a roll-out Cabinet in the lower line of the kitchen set, then there will always be an additional table top at hand.

Retractable table top

An additional table top will never be superfluous. You can make it with your own hands. For this you need to replace the bottom of the box on a Board or other hard material and then insert the drawer into the grooves of the legs up (of course, if the design of the wardrobe allows it).

Corner boxes

water tap drawer drawer wood kitchen

If you order a new headset, choose a model with corner drawers. With them you can use to store kitchen utensils all the space inside the cabinets.

Box instead of base

In most kitchens this space is not used in any way. And utterly in vain. In the basement you can store bottles of wine, as well as film, foil and other small things for cooking. Look at the second photo, how well the owners have installed there dog bowls for food.

Trash can under the table top

Instead of putting the bin under the sink, it can be installed under the table top with a special hole. You will save time by removing all the cleaning just by swiping them into the hole in the table.

Railing and shelves under the sink

There is a solution for compact storage of detergents and cleaning products: hang under the sink railing, and on the doors on the inside — shelves.

Folding table top

This countertop closes the sink and stove, turning them into one large workspace for cooking. Complete with such countertops is usually a folding mixer.
A wardrobe between the refrigerator and the wall

The empty space between the refrigerator and the wall can also be used for good. To do this, install a narrow roll-out locker there. It will fit small kitchen utensils, napkins, towels and bottles.

Folding table in a niche

If the kitchen is absolutely nowhere to turn, try to put a folding table. For him well????? room for two people, and cleaned he for couple of seconds.

The top of the rails

Along the rails, the table top will move from place to place to perform two functions at once: a workspace for cooking food and a dining table.

Table top-window sill

A wide window sill turning into a tabletop is also a great solution for a small kitchen. In some cases, it can act as a counter and will replace the dining table.

Retractable platform for toaster

If you install a retractable platform for a toaster or combine, the equipment will always be connected and ready to work. In addition, free space on the table top.

pan drawer drawer kitchen water tap drawer drawer white kitchen

Kitchen sets with facades made of natural wood

Designer stools from logs which you can do yourself!

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