Wood in the interior: how to use
Wood remains a universal and indispensable material in the design of living spaces. Let’s consider examples of its application in modern interiors. Wood is a natural material that fits into most interiors. It is widely used in residential design. Wooden elements will give the interior elegance and naturalness.
The popularity of wood Today there are many different analogues of natural materials, but wood is still popular and used in various aspects of interior design: flooring; wall decoration; ceiling beams; furniture; window frames, balconies, doors, decorative items and more. To achieve the desired result and the realization of the design idea wooden elements in the right proportions are combined with other materials: metal, leather, wool, glass. As a result, the interior is filled with natural motifs that enrich any design. For this reason wood is used for registration of premises of apartments, private and country houses.

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Now wood is more often used for furniture and flooring, but before it was used as a building material. The tradition to build houses made of wood does not lose its relevance, for example, houses on Finnish technology or Swiss chalets are built of wooden log cabins today.
The interior, decorated with natural materials, attracts attention with a unique combination of originality and natural beauty. Wood allows you to create living spaces with different styles – from the East to high-tech.
Decoration and decoration with wood in the interior
Most often wood is used in the interior for surface treatment (floor, walls, ceiling). This material can be combined with different colors, give it any shape and texture, not forgetting the level of comfort. Wood gives the interior a well-groomed appearance, as well as isolates the space from the cold – for this feature it has become widely used in residential areas. The rooms are decorated with wood less dust, so this option is ideal for children and people prone to allergic attacks.
Advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses
To decorate the walls are often used wooden panels or lining. These materials are available in different versions, and depending on the chosen style, either traditional types or copies with additional elements (moldings, carvings, allocated bases) will suit. For example, wooden panels with decorations are appropriate for styles:
– steampunk;
– neoclassic;
– baroque;
– vintage.
For more traditional styles, you should choose less than the original options, which preserve the texture of the wood. In this case, the naturalness of the finish and the beauty of the natural massif will be emphasized.
What is a loft apartment?
Wood flooring will help to complement the cozy atmosphere. Now for the flooring, despite its versatility, the popularity is noticeably inferior to the more affordable and practical options: linoleum, carpet and laminate. The last material though is a product made of wood fibers, but does not retain the naturalness. Finishing the floor with parquet or parquet Board together with a wooden plinth requires serious financial costs, but with proper care the surface will last for decades.

For finishing the ceiling is often used wooden panels, beams or rough logs. The ceiling is decorated with wood, typical for Scandinavian interiors, loft, country or Provence styles. Such ceiling solutions must be harmoniously combined with the walls, choose the right color. The most impressive look dark beams on a white ceiling or log cabins in natural color. Wood is also used for finishing other elements of residential premises. Stylish look wooden window frames in classic and Gothic interiors, wooden staircase with beautiful balusters – an essential attribute of the house in the style of a Chalet, and a fireplace, real or artificial, can be decorated with a log or just logs.
Doors made of solid wood – a piece of furniture that can give the design of the room a more finished look. Most often, wood is used in interior doors with the addition of decorative inserts of glass, metal or plastic. Variety of wooden furniture
During the design of living space selection of furniture plays an important role. Thus, for Baroque, Rococo and Chinese ethno styles, furniture with carved armrests and legs is selected, and in the Scandinavian, classical and Japanese styles, the furniture should have a simple and concise form. Wooden furniture in the art Deco style abound with ornate lines that flow into one, for the shabby chic and Chalet styles, objects made of wood of rough finish, and eco-style is characteristic of stump chairs or a coffee table made of wooden ends.

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