The first month of summer is often hot and without rain, but the trees and shrubs are already with fruits, and they grow in June actively. Therefore, the first and most important of the June events is watering. Watering trees and shrubs need infrequently, but in large portions, trying to get wet as deep as possible. And to evaporate from the depth of the water will be slow, of course, subject to mulch tree trunks of the circle, or at least loosening. Ideally, it is desirable to water the defended warm water and in the evening. Only here for the workload of garden work at this time it does not always work. Briefly about the main works of June.


So, watering. If you think that every day a little water plants enough, you are wrong. Frequent watering in small portions of water you smoote the top layer of soil, thus giving the plant to understand, especially the younger that at the surface the roots will be more comfortable. That is the root system in the surface layer. At the slightest violation of the regime (went on vacation, broke the pump, etc.) during the summer heat, these seedlings will suffer in the first place, and in the frosty winter.

Additional fertilizing

In addition to watering, plants for good growth and fruiting and requires enhanced nutrition. Therefore, if you are a supporter of traditional gardening, you can not do without feeding. By mid-summer, usually use nitrogen feed in the form of solutions. Or mineral complex fertilizers, for example, NPK.
Although it is better to take modern soluble fertilizers with trace elements, or organic — infusions of mullein, chicken manure or herbal fermenters. But if mineral fertilizers have instructions, then with organic matter it is necessary to act carefully – strongly diluted with water, so as not to burn the roots of plants. For example, the infused mullein should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10, and bird droppings — 1:20.

The frequency of such feedings — every 2-3 weeks. In between, you can use a material for feeding, as wood ash. Great effect and foliar fertilizer on leaf. With its help, it is much faster to correct “distortions” in the diet. But it should be remembered that the solutions for treatments on the sheet should be even more diluted with water, so as not to burn them. And processing should be carried out in the absence of the sun (in the evening or when overcast) and on the lower side of the sheet (there is better absorption). The effect is noticeable after 2-3 days.

Plant overview

By the way, watering and fertilizing are important not only for this season, but also for the future, because it is in June on many plants laid flower buds of the next season. And for this process and for the current crop it is important to protect plants from pests and diseases. During this period, you just need to walk around the garden every day (you can have a Cup of coffee or tea ) and inspect the plants. After all, the problem is much easier to solve at its initial stage and easier for the environment and drugs (herbal infusions, Biologicals) than to use “heavy” chemistry.

Remove Volchkov shoots and unnecessary

Plants are actively growing. And there, here and there on the trunk, from root to crown “shoot” junk choppers and shoots that draw power. Remove them immediately, as long as it can be done with your fingers, and not with a secateur and even more so with a saw.
If you have recently greatly rejuvenated trees, cutting down many old branches, then, probably, the growth rate of those that remain is very high. They need to pinch off (with your fingers). Thus, you slightly weaken their growth, create the correct crown (subordination) and give a signal to the plant before the young shoots Mature (preparation for winter). And the number of fetuses is reduced to reasonable.