The main task is to buy healthy trees so we:

  1. Buy only nursery with a good reputation in their signature spots(no bazaars or online stores), product you must see and feel”, to have someone to consult, and if something happens make a claim!
  2. Take only the seedlings with closed root system(in the pot, the grid…that is, with a clod of earth)
  3. Tree should look healthy, lush, no nicks and NO BUMPS!!! Do not believe if you see a thin stunted thuja, and will tell you what you have in the soil arborvitae will grow and become fluffy…..
  4. Look very closely at the earthen coma or not there are larvae of the may beetle(the beetle is the main pest of coniferous trees).
  5. After planting should be watered abundantly, to feed in the spring and main to protect trees from DOGS, dog urine can completely destroy the tree.

5 reasons to plant arborvitae as a green fence:
1) Very good hair cut, so the plant can be shaped in any form;
2) Thuja completely unpretentious;
3) Protects from wind, noise and dust;
4) durable and easy to clean;
5) Cleans and disinfects the air around him, killing harmful germs and bacteria;

thuja garden herb three

thuja garden herb three

Open terraces

thuja garden herb three

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