Lovingly furnished city accommodation, we are not less touching treat our suburban areas. We try to Refine them, to create for themselves a comfortable environment and make straight rows of raised beds and berry bushes notes special appeal. Many of the vacationers for his creative experiments chose the most affordable and flexible the material is the ordinary plastic bottles. What things can be made from plastic bottles for the garden, we’ll talk.

Today everything is sold in plastic bottles: water, lemonades, milk… Of all the garbage that we buy, the most voluminous bottles: one in the trash you put — and all: consider half a bucket occupied. And what in the country! In many suburban settlements garbage containers simply do not exist. There is only one way out: either to take all this “good” to the city, to the nearest container, or to use something that can not be processed in the country conditions.

A logical question: how can plastic bottles be used in the household to be useful, convenient and beautiful? That’s what we’ll talk about.

bottle handmade herb

By the way, information note: plastic decomposes in water from 100 to 500 years (according to different data and depending on the type of plastic).

We have few plants that recycle garbage, so people themselves find an interesting use for simple and seemingly completely unnecessary things.

Plastic bottles in garden decor
If desired, you can create such beauty — the neighbors will be jealous! Do you want to decorate the garden at no extra cost? See if your dacha has empty plastic bottles.

Beautiful neat flower beds
Plastic bottles can protect the flower beds. The benefits here are obvious: flower beds and beds are not washed away by showers, always look neat and pleasing to the eye. I think it looks great… How to make such a flower bed?

Of course, you will need a lot of bottles (preferably the same size). Fill them with sand, close and begin to build a “stockade”. Bottles will have to dig a little into the ground to give them stability. After the flower bed is fenced, paint the resulting border in any color. In principle, you can do it in advance — as you wish. But it seems to me, it is more convenient to paint already ready protection, than each bottle separately. A container of dark plastic can be left as is, also looks nice.

bottle handmade herb

bottle handmade herb bottle handmade herb

The roof of this hut, called ‘The Cob’ at Deen City Farm was made from 7,000 plastic bottles.

bottle handmade herb