Vegetable flowerbed(German city) a relatively new trend among our growers.French peasants on their plots have long been mixed favor of vegetable crops, as well as aesthetic pleasure from various songs with edible plants.
If you are tired of dull rectangles of your beds then joins the ranks of the advanced gardeners and arrange in the garden vegetable garden. This vegetable bed does not have to be round, it can give any form. The selection of plants can also be the most diverse. The main thing that all cultures well accustomed next to each other.
Also is the bed composition can be decorated with extra items, such as stones, toys, feet.

How to make French beds: stylish options for the design of the garden for aesthetes If you approach the design of a mini-garden with fiction and imagination, to show a non-standard approach, your garden will not only benefit, it will decorate the site. What can be a non-standard approach to the design of the garden? Option one: change the shape of the beds Instead of the usual rectangles, give the bed the shape of an oval or triangle. The shape of the beds does not affect the yield.

garden bed vegetables path

Option two: visually select the patch you Can make a raised flower bed, or place it the outlines of a border of ornamental cabbage or red lettuce. And if the border is made of short marigolds, the bed will not only look like a flower bed, marigolds protect vegetables from pests.

This garden is based on geometric shapes and symmetry. Create it just by yourself. It is enough on a plot of square beds. First of all, find the center of the beds and draw a circle. Divide it like a cake into eight equal parts and get eight beds. Share the garden paths paved with tiles or gravel. Under gravel it is necessary to put geotextiles – that weeds did not germinate.

Beds will look much more beautiful if from boards, a brick or stones to make a frame. It prevents sloughing of the soil and make the beds look finished. Fill the beds with soil and you can start planting herbs and vegetables.

Planting vegetables in the beds, use for coloring plants of different colors. It can be leafy salads with a rich color palette, decorative cabbage, maroon Basil. And nasturtium, marigolds and calendula will create bright accents on the bed. If you show enough imagination and courage in decision-making, the garden will be a real decoration of your site. garden bed vegetables path garden bed vegetables path garden bed vegetables path garden bed vegetables path

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