Installation of above ground pools is one of the most popular works in spring and summer time. As a rule, requests for such work begin in March. As soon as the earth has thawed and dried up, you can start working. The highest peak of requests goes to May. Above ground pools are generally soft sided or temporary, and have a hard frame or permanent pools. The first ones are rectangular or round, the permanent ones are typically round or oval. A temporary pool does not require getting a permit in a local Building, a permanent pool will require getting a permit both to install a pool and to install an electrical supply line. If you are going to make a gas heater, you need to get a permit to build a line. Keep in mind that after the construction is over, inspectors will come and check compliance with the plan.

Some clients want to have semi above ground, we do such projects, it turns out a little more expensive and more time for digging and backfilling. The main and most important moment in the installation of the pool is the preparation of the ground or ground leveling. It has to be level. If there is slope or uneven, we are unlikely to be able to assemble. We pay the most attention to this stage. After leveling is done, you can safely start assembling the frame and walls, pour sand inside the pool and make a cove for a liner. We do further work within one day, pour water, check for leaks, check, and the project is done.

A local NJ handyman is a guy who can carry about all issues that appear during usual life in a house or an apartment. It is not enough for Handyman to be just a specialist – a considerable part of the work is negotiations with the homeowner on the price and terms of work. Handyman does not do all the work that is asked, everyone has a specialization or even a license. Experience is an indispensable thing in the work of a handyman. Very often, from the description and from the picture, you need to determine what caused the issue, the scope of work, rough price for materials.

After all this, still bargain with the client for the price and set the day of arrival. Handymen can work both for themselves and for a company. Companies can do more jobs, as they employ different specialists. Solo handyman can solve the issue in his specialization. A rhetorical question with whom it is better to work – with a large company or with a solo guy. A large company, as a rule, has better logistics, has more professionals , but the price is more expensive. It is usually easier to negotiate with a single guy, he is more flexible in his offer. We advise you to pay attention to the experience of specialists and customer reviews, which will protect you from non-professionals