Most people often thought about how to make their own plaster figures for the garden. Especially in today’s world, when the cost of such figures is large enough, and not often everyone has the money to buy them. For this reason, we will help you to make independently plaster mushrooms which will beautifully decorate your land plot. All you need for the manufacture is a little imagination, plaster, unnecessary plastic jars, and a deep round vessel.

Stages of mushroom production!

1. Prepare all necessary materials. To do this, we need a plate or bowl that will be deep, it will perform the top of our mushroom. Plastic butyl, cut in half, gypsum, water;

2. Start of work. The first that we produce will be the stem of the mushroom, for this, we make a plaster with water, stirring well to avoid lumps. When the plaster is divorced, pour it into a pre-cut jar, and give it to cover.

3. The second stage. Carefully cut the plastic shape of our legs, and pull the plaster.

4. Third stage. On a bowl put a bag, and also fill with plaster. When the plaster is in a bowl attach the leg to the top of the fungus. But we give them a good cover, so they do not break.

5. The fourth stage of work. When the plaster sastav, take our fungus, cleansing it of the bag.

6. Paint the mushroom, and decorate their garden.