Even if you – “the intelligentsia”, is unlikely to be able to completely abandon the garden. There’s nothing more delicious their vegetables grown from our own seedlings. But, I believe, win a vegetable garden need to for his pleasure, not for daily heavy work. In this regard, it is useful to read my article “Smart garden”. Several beds of 1 by 4 meters are optimal to provide vegetables for the whole season for a family of two adults and two children. Blanks for the whole winter with this garden you do not, but will eat fresh vegetables and herbs from spring to late autumn.

If the garden is in the project, then it should be located from North to South, so the plants more evenly receive solar heat. Between the beds should be enough space to walk comfortably, serve them and harvest.

Fruit trees and bushes do not tolerate waterlogging of the soil, so they should not be planted in the valley. It is not necessary to plant new fruit trees on the site of old plantings, as well as to lay a garden there. This is depleted land, and plants will not get the necessary nutrition. To revive it, sow green manure. On the hills – another problem – there fruit trees suffer most from drying up and frost.

Of course, you need to carefully consider the choice of fruit trees and deal with the peculiarities of their cultivation. It happens that young trees freeze, but if you plant them in a protected place (on the South side of the garden), they will feel much more confident. By the way, planting fruit plants in one row, as has always been accepted in our villages, is not mandatory. They can be very decorative in groups and on the lawn.