Before you create your own flower bed, you need to properly weigh all the pros and cons. That is why we will help you to organize your flower garden, through “no”. What not to do when you start working on the flower garden?

  1. The choice of location and not the feature of flowers. Do not look for a place under the flower bed, based on the characteristics of the plants that will live on it. First, choose a place, and then, given its characteristics, the flowers that you plant there. In order to have a truly correct landscape, you must first choose a place where your flowers will grow. Of course the appearance of the colors is important, but the shape and placement are the most important. For most people, it is sometimes very difficult to find the right location than the plants themselves;
  2. Simplicity and result. Most inexperienced gardeners are faced with the situation that their work requires constant effort and energy. And all due to the fact that they choose flowers that require constant work and your care. Therefore, to start creating a flower garden, it is better to choose flowers that do not require constant attention, and are prone to lazy flower beds. Choosing these flowers, you will not be disappointed with the result, and most importantly get what you dream;
    3. Practice. Without experience, there is no 100% result. People who work more than one year with flowers, will be able to realize their ideas much faster than those who are just beginning. Implement simple ideas to begin with, thus you begin to practice, and in a short period of time, will be able to implement large-scale projects. Perfect beds are the usual beds and front gardens and McCarter;
    4. Conciseness. No need to mix all the varieties of flowers, and create crazy compositions that will be clogged. It is necessary to observe the composition, taking into account all the nuances and rules of colors. Before you start, you need to choose a simple scheme and not clog massive forms of space. Show imagination, but stick to brevity and composition;
    5. Variety. Dilute the flowerbed with different colors that will not only be annual, but will be able to please your views every year. Perennial flowers with bright colors and decorative bushes are the right choice.