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Next season. Or how to prepare a garden for autumn.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, fascinating with its colorful colors. And during this period, you need to take care of the garden and vegetable garden near the house. You need to properly take care of the trees and shrubs, prepare for winter to spring to get a beautiful garden and vegetable garden.

Purity, guarantee of beautiful design!

Most landscape designers will say that for the present design of your garden, you need to take care first of all about cleanliness. Therefore, autumn cleaning is the first thing every owner should do near his house. Pay attention to where there are fallen leaves, branches, carrion. If this was found, then it can be effectively used for laying compost. In addition, the best solution is to remove diseased trees and shrubs, so that in the future they do not infect healthy shoots.

Pruning trees, bushes!

In order to get beautiful trees and flowers in the spring, you need to carry out sanitary pruning, which will allow you to forget about the disease and pests. Sanitary pruning, can also effectively restore the affected bushes and give them a beautiful decorative shape. And in addition, proper sanitary pruning, allows you to get a good harvest next year, and healthy berries or flowers.
It is also important to implement and formative pruning. It will form bushes that can properly rejuvenate and acquire the correct shape.

Proper treatment!

Very often, some of the trees begin to emit clay. Predominantly often this manifests itself on cherries, cherries, apricot, plum and peach. That is why, you need to carefully take care that the living tissue was stripped and lubricated with a special lubricant.

Shelter plants for the winter, so they received protection

Some plants that are in our garden, can not cope with severe frosts or a sharp change in temperature. So you need to have time to cover them frosts, so they do not die. And hiding the plants, you can get a beautiful and healthy garden that will delight you all year round.

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