Very often the garden as a separate element of the garden is not needed. In a small space makes no sense to make beds if the owners want to grow, for example, only the greens. Scented plants can be planted directly in containers: vases, wicker baskets, ceramic boxes, decorative pots, etc. They will decorate the area, a summer kitchen, the entrance, stairs or patio.

Cultivation of vegetable and spice plants in different containers is possible wherever there is a sun-drenched window sills, stairs or patio. It could be a balcony or even the roof of the house. The containers with plants revive, pavers, fill the blemishes in the flower beds. That is, to find a place for containers is always possible. Their big advantage is that they are mobile. They can be moved from place to place, to make the different composition and, if necessary, easily replaced by some other containers.

greenhouse vegetables wood

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