Hibiscus – pet, which is rapidly growing, low maintenance, forgiving irregular lighting and sudden changes in temperature. Improper care can stop flowering, but if you restore the necessary conditions, again please big, bright and beautiful colors. However, their flowering period is short – usually they die within a day or two, but then they were replaced by new ones appear.

hibiscus flower herb

Jasmine: varieties and types

In nature there are about 300 species of this evergreen tree, mainly in the tropics of South-East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Therefore, in our latitudes in the culture is most prevalent just a few:

hibiscus syriacus (other names – Syrian rose, Ketmen, hibiscus garden) is a plant with large, reaching a diameter of 10 cm, the flowers, simple and double, with a variety of colors (white, pink, shades of red, there are varieties with two-tone color). Flowering starts 3-4 years after planting. A very successful planting with roses – their claims to the soil are the same, and their combination looks very impressive. Propagation is mainly by cuttings or branches

GBP Chinese, better known as the Chinese rose – the most common we have in the greenhouse and the culture room. It is evergreen, very ornamental shrub, in nature reaches up to 3 m. Flowers large, diameter 12-16 cm depending on the varieties (Chinese rose has them about half a thousand) has a variety of colors – from orange and fiery red to yellow or pink. Flowering usually starts in March and lasts a long 8-9 months

hibiscus flower herb

Beautiful pink flowers will lift the spirits and brighten you up for the day
hibiscus marsh – named for the “passion” to wet, almost swampy soil. It is a perennial plant, very low maintenance, does not require frequent feeding, with proper care, blooms from mid-spring until the first frost. A big plus – if there will be a pond, stream or pond. The second important condition to hibiscus marsh developed normal – good lighting, then it will enjoy its flowers – very large (the Corolla can reach up to 16 cm in diameter), terracotta, purple, or pink spots.
hibiscus flower herb
Marsh varieties of hibiscus will be a good décor small pond
Tip! The swamp hibiscus is a very hardy, its roots, covered with snow, able to take frost down to -30 ° C. But preferably prior to the onset of cold weather the area the roots cover.
the herbaceous hibiscus – its flowering begins in late July – early August and continues until mid-autumn. Flower – cherry-crimson, white or pink color, while, in comparison with the tree species, its flower stalks are 2-3 times more. Annually grows many upright shoots with a height of 2.5-4 m, the leaves are large, somewhat similar to the leaves of the sunflowers, but the density of leaves is small. It is very light, the better-lit landing place, the stronger will bloom. Not particularly picky about soil, but grows best on loam, poorly – calcareous soils, does not tolerate stagnant water waterlogging can cause plant death. His landing can be conducted both in spring and autumn. Hibiscus herbaceous excellent winters, but before winter it is desirable to till and crop like roses. Reproduction mainly by division of a Bush or cuttings
hibiscus flower herb
Hibiscus in the landscape design

In landscape design, the hibiscus garden is used in group and single plantings, it will harmoniously fit into the interior of the site in almost any style. Being relatively undersized (shrub rarely grows above 1.5 m), it is often used in mixed or kosovoa the curb. Hibiscus garden looks good with roses and contrast with evergreen shrubs.

hibiscus flower herb
The Syrian hibiscus blends with different varieties of roses – shrub (up to 1.5 m), compact flower ideal for a rosary, as an option for the rock garden. But especially a good combination for him – with lavender, this combination not only looks beautiful, but the scent of lavender will protect hibiscus syriacus from harmful insects and aphids.

The swamp hibiscus is actively used in decorating the pond and garden ponds. Even with constant pruning, the Mature plant height can reach 2.5-3 m, width – 1-1,8 yards, so a few planted in a row of bushes to make a living, a very dense hedge, so very often hibiscus used for zoning (delineation ) of the site.

Herbaceous hibiscus are usually planted in large groups and due to the fact that the plant tolerates pruning, it is possible to form a colorful border. In bed compositions on the basis of his height, it is planted in the background.

The modern design of the lawn and paths

Bus: home care

If GBP Syrian – quite capricious and difficult to care in the home (it is usually grown in greenhouses), Chinese rose – a fairly undemanding plant that can forgive and some forgetfulness in watering and lack of light. Consider how to care for hibiscus in the home.


Chinese rose likes bright light, but the midday sun’s rays can cause burns. Therefore, the flower is better to install on the West or East window, but on the South side of the house it should be placed away from the window. The lack of lighting Chinese rose may not bloom, so with the onset of autumn in order to continue flowering, the flower will need to dosvechivat.

Tip! The main enemies of hibiscus – direct sun, rain and drafts.

Optimal in the period of active vegetation in the range 20-25, with the onset of autumn, the temperature is gradually lowered. The recommended temperature for winter to + 16 ° C. When the temperature drops below + 10 ° C, the plant drops leaves.

hibiscus flower herb


Settled for irrigation use (at least daily) soft water which has room temperature. Spring and summer – the period of abundant watering the plants, water it immediately, as it dries the top layer of soil. Thus water that has leaked into the pan, immediately pour. Autumn reduce watering, watering on the third day after the soil on top is dry.


To avoid burning roots, flower fertilize immediately after watering, once a month. During the period of active flowering to feed the use of nitrogen fertilizer, with the onset of autumn they reduce the dose, adding phosphorus and potassium, while the concentration should be half of that shown on the packaging.


Chinese rose is not picky about the humidity, but spring and summer spraying (necessarily warm, at room temperature, water) have a positive impact on its development and flowering.

To the plant is long bloomed, you need to pay attention to correct watering

Pruning hibiscus on hold for three reasons:

to put the plant in a dormant state
to give Bush the desired shape
to carry out rejuvenation of plants
Shoots are cut off, leaving about 15 cm

Pruning is very important as it stimulates the appearance of new shoots, which appear flowers (on last year’s shoots of the flowers are not formed). If Chinese rose cropped for the first time in late spring and then again in July, this will help prolong flowering before winter and cut the shoots you can carry out reproduction. Also pruning is carried out the transplant and after the replacement of the soil substrate.


Up to the age of Chinese rose is in need of annual transplant, and then every three years. Thus adult plants in years when no replanting, it is advisable to replace the top few centimeters of the substrate.


Despite the fact that hibiscus can be propagated from both seeds and cuttings, the latter option is preferable. First of all, already in the first year of planting Chinese rose can bloom – and that’s what’s important for the average fan of the colors. In addition, propagation by cuttings allows you to preserve all the varietal characteristics of the mother plant. Seed propagation – the process is long and troublesome, it is possible to obtain a completely unexpected result in terms of colour and size of flowers.

For reproduction is better suited to young cuttings, such as those that remain after pruning. For rooting they are placed in soil or water (preferably a container made of dark glass). Stalk, to increase the humidity and early rooting, cover the top of the jar.

Tip ! To improve survival of young plants in a soil mixture is desirable to add the sphagnum moss.
With proper care, your flower will delight you for a long time