Landscape design of a private house, urban or rural – the process is no less time-consuming, expensive and creative, than the creation of the interior of the home. Beautifully decorated spacious garden or a small rear Dvir, fascinates with its originality – in order to implement their ideas about the beauty of the landscaping site will fit all the tools.

Spring is coming! If the landscape design of the cottage needs updating, we have some fresh ideas for you. Oh, how I want to have a yard where you can create a cozy place, just planted the right plants… While I only dream of such a miracle, you can do the arrangement of your yard, if it is already available.

Modern landscape design and gardening have long been moving in a direction that can be called “back to nature.” This is due not only to attempts to reduce the cost of care and free up more time for leisure, but also with the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, and with concern for the environment.

The trees in the backyard can be decorated with stones

It is no secret that, for example, in the forest and field for plants no one cares, but nevertheless, many of these places can compete with the beauty of our gardens. What can we learn from nature? First of all, to create not only decorative and useful for us, but also sustainable plant communities that require a minimum of attention.

A beautiful flowerbed will decorate your main entrance to the house

The smaller flower beds in the garden, the easier it is to care for him. Choose bright shrubs that change their appearance during the season. But still it is difficult to imagine a luxurious garden without flowers. How to beautifully decorate a garden without making much effort? Lay large areas under the lawn or a picturesque lawn with clover, daisies, zhivuchka. It is not so noticeable weeds — enough to mow them. By the way, daisies are easy to tolerate haircut and wonderful bloom, very low over the rosettes of leaves.

Example of a small recreation center on your plot of land Open terraces: ideas for your home The original fence is decorated with ornamental shrubs