Many designers forget about the garden path, doing it in the least, and thereby destroy even the most beautiful landscape. Because of the plot, this part of the design is as important as a tidy, beautiful frame for a beautiful canvas.

How to choose the right path?
First, and most importantly why you want to work with functionality is. What if I had your garden path, pave it needs the shortest and the most convenient way, so as not to turn your site into a podium.

Second, but equally important, is the material with which to work designer. If you are ready to wash the veranda, the walkway is better to make a solid and use stone or concrete blocks.

Remember that the style of the tracks should not differ from the overall design of the site. If a riot of colors and greenery. – this is your style, then other elements of décor should match that image. Otherwise everything is just as easy – a classic in the landscape should be accompanied by a classic path

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Garden in the Japanese style