Season grill and barbecue in the middle lane is short. Therefore, the reception area is equipped in advance and choose a grill, barbecue or garden fireplace.

Grills and barbecues of our days have gone far from their predecessors — metal grills, notifying residents of cottages, who are preparing barbecue today. Modern products are multifunctional and safe, with their help anyone turns into a chef. Anyone who has ever tried meat or fish cooked with a high-tech barbecue, seeks to make them part of a permanent diet.

Grills and barbecues expand the home menu. And if you add a barbecue area with a garden fireplace, which in the evening will gently illuminate the table and sitting behind it, the summer dinner at the cottage will be an unforgettable holiday.

Thanks to ceramic grills, smokehouse, barbecue and outdoor stoves cooking becomes a pleasure. The popularity of barbecues, grills and garden fireplaces is growing. The owner of a country house or cottage chooses a street hearth to taste. You can choose a stationary barbecue or mobile design, which is easy to carry in the country from place to place.

In each country there are national traditions and recipes for grilling and barbecue. Studying the cuisine of different Nations in practice — a pleasant and useful activity Modern grills are made of environmentally friendly materials. Mobile models are easy to carry from place to place in the country or take with you on a trip.fireplaces

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