Making such an important part of the garden like a flower garden in front of the house is the base elevation of the site. But you need to remember that the design of flower beds in front area of the house or in any other part of the site – a task that requires some skill. There are a few rules, considering that you can get a real masterpiece in your garden. You can own hands to create a garden design, for example, as in the photo.

The front garden is a place of embodiment of the most courageous design decisions providing an opportunity of creation of an original site before the house. It runs from the house to the roadway and is separated by a fence called palisade. On this territory often have a variety of flower beds, beautifully decorated path leading to the house, flower arch and various compositions of stones and trees.

flower garden poth country house

According to dictionaries, the front garden is a small garden with a fence in front of the house. And this definition is as true as it is concise. Each word carries a semantic and practical load. The territory “in front of the house” means the one that can always be seen. From the guests can hide your garden or a plot with a garden, but a beautiful plot in front of the house and is designed to immediately catch the eye. Front gardens have a significant impact on improving the perception of the holistic appearance of the architecture of the building.

Joint front gardens in neighboring houses give owners a wonderful opportunity to meet, spend a joint holiday and socialize among the greenery and floral scents. From the above follow two simple truths: the front garden should always look neat and combined with the design solution of your home. The second is especially important, as it complements the sense of harmony and allows guests to draw positive conclusions about your tastes. The front garden is a business card of the house, and it is difficult to argue with it. Therefore, plants for it should be chosen with special care and thoughtfulness.

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flower garden poth country house