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What only materials you will not meet today in the construction market!flowerbed flowers

I’m sure many of you on the highways and railway crossings have seen the design of the grid and stones, but few people thought about how to use it on your site. And in vain! After all, gabions, namely the so-called frame of the grid, filled with stones, can be not only aesthetic, but also very useful, helping to cope with some irregularities of the site and providing sound insulation.

In fact, the frame of the grid can be of any shape, and you can fill it not only with stones, but also with wood, glass – Yes, everything that you like. This opens up unlimited scope for creativity and imagination.

From gabions you can create not only a support for plants, but also many other objects of landscape design.

Gabions will make an interesting frame for urns, paths, ponds and containers with garden plants

flowerbed flowers

Ideas of the arrangement of the cellar