Each flower bed needs a decent frame. Elegant frame blooming composition can make beds of glass bottles, for the arrangement of which requires only the presence of the material and a little imagination for its application.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of such beds will serve as a reliable protection of green spaces from animals. Decorative fence will also prevent the penetration of weeds into the flower garden.

Material blank

For the design of the plant composition are suitable as usual transparent bottles of standard sizes and containers made of glass of different shades.

In the arrangement of the flower garden may require more than a dozen bottles: it all depends on the size of the composition. All bottles should be placed in a basin and pour water for 30 minutes. This will allow you to easily remove not only dirt, but the label along with the remnants of glue. Clean dried bottles are ready to work.

Design options

In a large area you can build a spacious flower beds, making them upside down upside down bottles. The shape and size of the flower beds depend only on the preferences of the owner: some like to decorate your site with round flower beds, while others planted compositions with contours of bizarre ornaments and patterns.

To create a fence you need to outline its contour. Glass bottles can be simply buried, screwing them along the planned line. But it would be better to pre-dig a small trench depth of 15-20 cm. Set it in the container, and then fill the void with a layer of soil or sand.

This method allows you to visually imagine how the finished fence will look like, and (if necessary) to reverse the backfill of the earth to change the individual elements to other, more successful samples. Containers should be buried at half height. This prevents loosening of the fence. Original look frames, collected from 2-3 types of bottles and laid out in several rows.

High flowerbed

Unusual decoration – multi-level flower beds. Create a flower bed, towering over the low flower beds, can also be made of transparent bottles. For the arrangement of such beds need a base, which can act as any cylindrical object: barrel, bucket, tire. To lay out the walls will require at least 50 bottles.

Having chosen and having established a design basis, it is necessary to plaster the bottom part of its outside with sand and cement mortar (1:2). This is necessary for a faster setting of the bonding solution to be placed between the necks of the containers.

The first row of bottles should put the necks to the center. The following – on the same principle, but with a small offset (staggered). The accuracy of the entire structure depends on the quality of the spread. Emptiness between the necks after each laid out series is also desirable to fill with a solution. This will increase the strength of the entire structure. The last top row should be fixed with a solution, and after falling asleep with soil, so that only the wide part of the bottle is visible on the surface. Flower garden ready. It remains only to plant plants and enjoy their abundant flowering.