Anyone who has travelled in Germany, drew attention nakhlyst colors. Flowers just love the Germans. Lush, flowing cascades of blooming geraniums decorate the balconies, Windows and terraces. By the way, according to the Central Department for the study of market ZMP GmbH, geranium Germans preferred the balcony and klubowa plant. Behind her are viola tricolor and common Heather.

Landscape landscape garden is one of the greatest artistic achievements of England. English landscape design is a style of garden landscape that appeared in England in the early 18th century. Replacing more formal symmetrical gardens in the French style of the 17th century, it became the main style of gardening in Europe.

English style landscape design is an idealized view of nature, inspired by paintings of landscapes by Claude Lorraine and Nicolas Poussin. The English garden typically includes lakes, beautiful lawns in gardens, and recreations of classical temples, Gothic ruins, bridges, and other picturesque architecture, designed to recreate an idyllic pastoral landscape.
The English style in landscape design had a great influence on the shape of public parks and gardens that appeared around the world in the 19th century. Russia is no exception. The magnificent Palace garden in Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg is a perfect example of English style in landscape design.

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There are always lakes in the English garden. Most of them are artificial, but often natural. Numerous trees growing along the winding shores, climb right up to the water’s edge.

Grottoes – natural or artificial caves. In prehistoric times, man used to hide. In our time, many people arrange such caves for decorative purposes, often installing statues of saints in them, especially the blessed virgin.

Modern English landscape design demonstrates the contrast between formal and informal styles. Near the house is a place to relax and a swimming pool, in the distance a large meadow and forest. Only a low wall separates the formal from the informal zone, which is needed only to keep grazing cattle close to home.

English style was conceived for large spaces, but this does not mean that it can not be applied to the countryside. For example, if there is no large lake near your house, you can arrange a small pond on your site. The grove does not have to be the size of a hectare, a few trees and a path of artificial stone between them will look very good on a small area. Be creative! The main thing to catch the mood. English style was formed over the centuries and its main feature – a sense of mystery, something intriguing, as if now, here opens the door to a new fantastic fairy-tale world. garden flowers house garden flowers house

Area for bonfires in your backyard

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Among the pot plants the most popular are orchids, Alpine violets and poinsettias. Among cut flowers in the first place, second rose – tulips and chrysanthemums.