To be honest, I used to think that landscape design is the science of plants. No, not even about plants, but purely about flowers. And landscape designers are some glamorous young ladies who, smelling one, then another flower, a thin finger show simple aunts with a shovel where to plant them. It turned out that this is a science where gardening is closely related to engineering and architectural knowledge. And the creation of a design project of the garden from professionals is a painstaking work that requires in-depth study and analysis of the site for soil acidity, groundwater level, etc. In this article – the basic rules of division of land into zones, because it is the basis for the future of landscape design.

Everything can be learned. But if the development of a new profession is not included in the plans, and to create a garden design with their own hands really want? Then you can try to do on their own. For inspiration, I advise you to see photos of beautiful gardens.

Garden design begins with the zoning of the site

As written in books on landscape design, usually, the garden area is divided into:

  • RESIDENTIAL, where the house is located and everything that surrounds it (terrace, front garden, patio or patio, garage or Playground with carport, summer kitchen, barbecue or barbecue with firewood).
  • ECONOMIC – where, as a rule, there is a shed for storage of tools, workshop, often – garage.
  • The AREA of FRUIT garden AND VEGETABLE GARDEN – this may be two separate from each other areas, but they can be combined.
  • Recreation AREA, which can be combined with the residential part of the garden or be a separate place. Here, basically, arrange flower beds, rocky gardens, pond, put benches or hang hammocks. garden design – zoning for lovers of Asia – this is the place where you can successfully organize a Japanese garden. The main zones, in turn, can be divided into small sub-zones, such as children’s or sports grounds.

You can accept or reject such a conditional classification because, in fact, you are creating your garden based solely on your desires and the logic of your life. Just as spend and construction of a private house. Another thing is that the zoning of the site, as the experience of most farms, the most convenient way for owners to organize life in the country and, at the same time, it allows you to create a harmonious landscape design of the garden and yard.

IMPORTANT! Remember one of the main tasks of the landscape designer – to ensure a smooth transition from one zone to another, with the help of plant compositions (rabatok, for example), tracks and arches smooth sharp transitions.

By the way, to make a discount with your own hands is very simple.

That is, first divide the area into zones, draw its plan, and then apply plants to it, which should ensure a smooth transition of one zone to another. And only then begin to order flowers and trees for planting and implement interesting ideas for the garden and yard. Including, to solve, than to pave the yard.
More – specifically about how to decorate each area. But before you read an article about the rules and regulations of the organization of the local area.

Living area – transition from house to garden

The living area is an area located directly next to the house. A place where the owners often spend their time. It should include – front garden at the entrance, patio, front flower beds, terrace or veranda. This part of the garden is not a garden, but not a house, it is the main transition area of the site – her face.

The area next to the house from the garden is often decorated with vertical beds and vases with annuals, climbing roses, for example, hybrids of Rugose, clematis and other flowering vines. Here arrange lawn, fountain, small pond, flower beds with spring bulbs or a composition of stones. And to be comfortable, the site should be protected from prying eyes. It can be a hedge, for example, from a decorative Bush of tamariks or annual plants-giants and a usual fence.

If the plot plan provides for a place where garden furniture is placed, it is desirable that it is not less than 20 m2. The shape and configuration should correspond to the General style of the garden. For practicality, it can be tiled or flat stone, make a wooden flooring with a special coating of wood or gravel. The main thing – to choose a durable material, which is easy to care for. Not bad if it will be of the same material as the garden paths in this area of the site. But it is not necessary.
The front garden near the entrance to the house can be decorated with bright flower beds in a classic or free style, put an arch with flowering vines or plant a small “home” tree. Christmas tree or pine, for example. It can be festively absorbed before each New year. In the front garden must be a lawn and comfortable paths.Before the residential area often include Parking for the car, because it should be near the house. There is a certain contradiction – how to combine it with the garden? Very simple – make Parking part of the composition, obsadit her hedge or braid the walls of the garage climbing plants-fences. If you want to make a canopy for the car, then let it be in the form of pergola, and on the support pillars you can also let the creepers, and hang pots with annuals.