For fans to relax in your garden and add to it the charm of colors and personality! In my opinion, such houses for birds, made of a variety of materials, will become a very original decoration that children will like and an unusual decor for the garden.

You know what decorative birdhouses are, no need to explain it. However, it is not clear to everyone that most birds are homeless, sleeping on the street, living in old, abandoned boxes. Houses for birds is not so difficult to do. However, adding a creative touch to the project makes it fun, creative and inexpensive. These projects of decorative birdhouses, make the most of the landscape details provided to us by nature. It is not only good for the environment that this material is not thrown into the landfill, but also creates bird houses, solving large housing projects for the less fortunate. Ideally, I would prefer to use all the wood waste and objects in the suburban area to make decorative birdhouses, but one can not do it.

birdhouses moss bird

decor for the garden wood birdhouse

Many from early childhood know how to make a birdhouse. That’s what our dads and grandfathers taught us. They made these wonderful boxes and hung them on the trees, thus wishing to instill in the child a love for all life and cause interest in work and creativity. Further were sets instruments, all sorts of designers, puzzles. However, birdhouses are etched in memory and remain there forever. It is impossible to extinguish these memories. Now there is a great opportunity to return to childhood and make a birdhouse with their own hands. This can be done without the help of parents, teachers, grandparents, and thus attract flocks of birds in your garden. If you place these structures on the trees, the birds are happy to settle in new homes.

Furniture made from pallets

unusual white birdhouse