Autumn, small steps approaching with every day. Soon we will begin to feel her real. Cooler mornings and evenings, the sun is not as bright as it was during the hot summer days. But this should not bring us sadness. Autumn brings its unique gifts to enhance the mood, absorbing nature in Golden colors. And besides, her gifts can decorate the yard and garden, make a real decor that will delight you and your family, in the coldest period of time. This will require your imagination and patience.

A big role in the decor of the garden and home play natural forms!

The use of natural forms and living details, allows you to create a real harmony, which you can enjoy the autumn evenings with family or friends. The best solution is to use a pumpkin in the decor. Due to its color and shape, it will effectively become the main subject for decoration, any plane. And most importantly, that it can be combined with almost anything.
In addition, you can use for decoration twigs of dried berries, flowers, which can effectively decorate vases on the terrace, or put on a bench near the window. Another successful solution will be the use of dried flowers and twigs to create a herbarium, and flower arrangements, effectively decorate the doors and gates. To do this, you can make beautiful wreaths in which to use flowers and cones.
Corn will create interesting decorations and small notes of decor that will warm the soul.
Autumn is the time of romance. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create new things! Strive for development. And get your ideas from nature!