The design of the backyard can be a problem if there is not enough space to implement ideas. Nevertheless, even a tiny space can be turned into a beautiful courtyard of a private house. Look at these wonderful photo designs of the courtyard of the private house, they will help you find the ideal concept for realization on your small backyard.

To fire a person is attracted to, probably since cave times)) Today we have, like, all the blessings of civilization, but still many people love to sit by the fire, watch the flames, to cook something outdoorsy “smoky»…

bonfire sofa herb

Therefore, we equip all kinds of hearths, barbecues, and someone and the whole street oven builds.

Well, if a massive structure in your plans is not included — at least for now — you can start small: to organize a place for a fire on the site. It is this idea that I propose today to consider from different points of view…

From the point of view of fire safety
Here not to beauty and comfort, or romance — and then just immediately something boring about fire safety… But I’ll say this: if this is not a good thought at the time, then very soon we can become to comfortable stay — with fire trifled with.

And that no “side effects” rest by the fire did not bring, let’s remember and be sure to apply at least these two simple rules:
place for a fire have away from buildings, trees, Parking spaces and other flammable objects;
the site where they intend to make a fire, from other areas separated by any non-combustible material: stones, bricks, iron, concrete — what is more suitable or easier to use.

bonfire table herb

In terms of convenience and aesthetics
However, those who still think that the fire — it’s something very simple, “Hiking”, you should pay attention to the following selection of photos. Yes, a place for a fire can be equipped not just with comfort — some of the options look luxurious (and require, of course, the appropriate investment of effort, time and money for the arrangement)…bonfire stone stool

Such a corner clearly invites you to spend a pleasant evening together with a glass of wine or a Cup of tea. Smooth lines, nothing superfluous… the Aroma of flowers and birds singing in the branches of the trees will create a suitable mood…

Well, for a big noisy family or friendly parties place will need more. What can you say about such a patio with a small round hearth?

bonfire water stone bonfire herb house stool

Ovens Ideas for covered terraces

bonfire stone bonfire pool beautiful