Often it happens that our desires go beyond the possibilities. And then it turns out that the idea of creating a house, a garden and several necessary outbuildings on a small plot faces objective difficulties: for everything conceived there simply is not enough space. How, in this case, to design a modest space, in order to realize something for which everything was started? After all, the site was acquired to escape from the city and be closer to nature. So let at least a mini pool, but it will.

Health recreation. A dream… But today a trip to the sea can afford, Oh, not all. The main reason is the lack of funds. Sadly, but fixable, especially if you have a country house. No, the sea there, of course, will not roll its waves, but to make a pool in the country to get closer to the dreams, it is in your power.

mini pool lawn bush three

A little effort and you see, a country plot is no longer a plantation for workaholics, but a real resort!

Just a dozen years ago, the organization of an artificial pond in the suburban area was a costly and almost unreal. Today, such a luxury as a swimming pool, can afford everything. Yes, that’s all, because the choice of bowls for swimming is so great and varied in terms of price that to find a satisfying option is not a problem. There would be a desire, as they say.

Is it worth the candle? The presence of the pool area – a great way to cool in the summer heat. If it is large enough, then in its water you can not just splash enough, and make a real invigorating morning swim. And how much joy the appearance of the pool in the country will bring to children! It will become a favorite place to play. Water treatments – a guarantee of excellent health.

mini pool lawn bush three

Agree, modern cottage is a little like the gardens of the past. Now they go to the country not to be killed by planting cucumbers and carrots, weeding and other labor-intensive agricultural work. Now exhausted by urban bustle, residents of megacities are increasingly turning estates into a comfortable recreation area, and the pool in this case becomes an indicator of the quality of the latter.

mini pool pillow three

The appearance of an artificial pond is not only a matter of prestige and comfort. It solves a number of problems. In addition, it will be possible to swim in it, its presence will create a special place of rest, really Wellness microclimate. If necessary, the pool can be used as a storage tank for irrigation.

mini pool lawn bush wine mini pool bush three fire mini pool bush

The entrance to the house

mini pool lawn bush three mini pool lawn bush three

mini pool lawn bush three

mini pool lawn bush three mini pool lawn bush three

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