For residents of the United States, moving within the country has become commonplace. Someone finds a new job, for someone it is important to start life from scratch. Changing your place of residence becomes a bit intimidating process associated with additional hassle and expenses. Atlantic Group USA has created a checklist for long distance moving for customers, and offers assistance at all stages of transporting things.

How to prepare for a move

Moving to another state is often compared to a tsunami: for a while, a person’s usual life flies into hell. Atlantic Group USA specialists give their clients some useful advice. With their help, you will be able to get together without unnecessary stress and quickly find the necessary things in a new place.

First you need to choose a logistics company and book a date for the transportation of things. After the day is confirmed, you should buy packing materials, find boxes, crates for fragile items.

• It is recommended to begin to gradually clean up the garage, closets after the decision to move
• It is better to donate unnecessary things to charity or arrange a sale.
• You need to get a change of address card from your nearest post office or change your address online.
• Inform all providers such as Internet, electricity, oil, gas and other utility providers of the change of address.

One or two weeks before the move, it is necessary to collect separately the documents, essentials, and sign the boxes with the contents.

How Atlantic Group USA works

Atlantic Group USA is experienced in special handling of items including fragile items, furniture, household appliances and other delicate items. Clients can order apartment or industrial moving,
Atlantic Group USA experts organize the best long distance moving in Miami and another state chosen by the client.

Specialists with many years of experience perfectly plan and carry out the transportation of the customer’s personal belongings. The company takes into account possible risks and difficulties in the process of transportation, and eliminates them at the initial stages of planning and order execution. Therefore, Atlantic Group USA has a lot of positive feedback from customers and is considered the most popular transport company in Florida, Miami.

If there is a need to take personal belongings out of state, you can submit a request on the website or contact the company’s contact numbers.