Probably, no one can count how many songs there are in the world. Thousands of music groups and solo artists delight fans with new works every year. There are world hits that have not lost their relevance for many decades, for example, out of my system lyrics. Despite the availability of information on the Internet, sometimes it is not easy to find the full text of the desired work.

On the website KeLyrics, the lyrics of songs in English are freely available.

Why do people search for English song lyrics?

The music of American artists is probably the most popular in the world. The songs of famous rock bands become soundtracks for movies, they are used for background music in video games, etc.

Many people learn English by songs. To master another language, it is important to approach the learning process in a complex way: speaking, reading and listening in a foreign language.

Music helps to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. This is a simple and unobtrusive way of learning new vocabulary and listening to the language. The easiest way to learn a song is to sing it. Studies of vocabulary in English songs show that most lyrics are written in the first person. That is, the absence of complex grammatical forms helps to better understand the text.

At the same time, the texts of English compositions contain abstract vocabulary and word forms inherent in living spoken language. Yes, in Lil Baby lyrics you can hear expressions that young people use in everyday life.

People search for English song lyrics for other reasons as well. For example, many users like to sing karaoke. Although the text is shown there, it is still better to prepare for the performance in advance. Street musicians, amateur singers who perform compositions on the street, are looking for the lyrics of foreign songs.

How to use the KeLyrics website

The KeLyrics site was created so that anyone who wants to be able to find the original lyrics of songs in English. You can search for a work in several ways:
• by the artist’s name;
• by the name of the song;
• by keywords from the composition.

If the search is conducted by key queries, the system will generate texts where similar words are used. So you will have to check a lot of works to find the right one. In addition to English, on the site you can search for texts in Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Uzbek. To use the site, you do not need to register or verify on the site. The found compositions can be distributed in social networks and forwarded in messengers.