More simply put, relocating can be one of the most stressful life endeavors, especially when someone owns valuable possessions or when they move to an expensive apartment on a high rise. Whether the location is across the bustling city of Chicago or just across town, selecting a mover can face tough challenges. Presented here is a more thorough guideline for choosing a reliable moving company to implement ultimate care for your things.

Investigation and Recommendations

Pre-move preparation. Do some research. Find moving companies based in Chicago that are reputable and have perfect customer ratings. A personal referral can also guide you on established and known companies that friends, family, or colleagues have used in the past.

Plan Your Move-in Day

Coordination is inevitable when moving to a new apartment and, in particular, a busy city like Chicago. Therefore, book the elevator or the loading dock belonging to that building way before the move into action, if applicable. Some luxury apartments have moving hours, and you might need to reserve a few time slots. Clear these from your new building management way ahead of time to avoid any last-minute hurdles. Also, consider the traffic patterns of your place and accordingly make the move during less busy hours so that everything goes smoothly without any stress on the moving day.

Planning for the Unexpected

Things can go wrong no matter how much you plan. You just never know. You should have a plan B. Create a “move day survival kit” with munchies, water, a first-aid kit, and any toolkit you might need. Keep easily accessible vital documents, keys, and personal items. Having these on hand can help immensely if something does go wrong. Also, talk to your moving company about any problems or issues encountered on the move. These might range from bad weather to parking issues, and a good moving company should already have an alternate plan devised for this eventuality and will try their best to make sure everything is directed according to the moving plan for you.

Ask for Multiple Quotes

Request cost quotes from at least three different moving companies. This average ballpark will help show those bids that fall in quite a bit higher or lower than the others. If a deal sounds too sweet to be legit, it probably isn’t.


The estimators regard a visit to your property to issue an in-house estimate. This way, they can better assess the volume and nature of what you’re moving so that they can better provide you with an accurate quote. Steer clear of companies willing to give you a quote over the phone or email without seeing your stuff.

Search for Hidden Trade Fees

Ask about any extra fees. Some will charge extra for stairs, elevators, or long carries. Some others charge for packing. Other miscellaneous fees vary, so you should know what you are paying for so the cost does not surprise you on moving day.

Carefully Examine the Contract

Read the contract well before signing. All services and costs to be incurred must be well documented. A contract is to contain the date of moving, date of delivery, and the terms agreed upon in the contract that are not well understood. Ask for clarification.

Evaluate Their Expertise in Luxury Apartments

Experience with working with high-end moving helpers would be desirable for those moving to luxury apartments. The luxury moving will often require such specific requirements as restricted hours during which it is possible to move into the service elevators and deal with items of high value. Inquire about their experience with such kinds of luxury moves.

Look for Red Flags

Be cautious if the moving company requires a big deposit, doesn’t have a physical local address or office, or doesn’t have much of an online presentation. These red flags are to be wary of with an unreliable mover.

Get Referrals About Specialty Moves

If you have pianos, artwork, or antiques, ask if the company has experience moving such items.

Ask About Their Tools and Trucks

Ensure that the moving companies’ trucks and equipment are well maintained for the benefit of your move. Poor maintenance of equipment could lead to accidents that, in effect, will delay or spoil your items.


Whichever you choose, a smooth and stress-free move must be preceded by selecting a moving company the right way. This consideration is more critical when one is moving into luxury apartments. It is in this regard that the following tips are offered: Whereas for some of us, the move will take no longer than just a few blocks, for others, the move may take them to the other side of the city. Yet, in all those cases, the right moving company does matter in determining the success of the moving outcome. Research, ask the right questions, and be assured you’ve entrusted your move to skilled hands.