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MacPaw’s ClearVPN has won an international award at the Global InfoSec Awards

ClearVPN from the Ukrainian company MacPaw, for the second year in a row, is the winner of the Global InfoSec Awards, which recognizes iconic products in the field of cyber security

Since its founding in 2020, the ClearVPN team has made it a goal to enable more people in the world to easily and effectively protect their digital identity. And the full-scale Russian invasion forced the team to once again completely rethink the application and make it simpler and safer.

In March 2023, the team launched a new version of the application – ClearVPN 2. It does not require additional technical skills.

ClearVPN from MacPaw made their product free for Ukrainians everywhere, thanks to the integration with Action.Signature. Using the premium version of ClearVPN, Ukrainians can get a secure Internet connection, access to reliable sources of information, and protect their Internet traffic.

The Global InfoSec Awards were launched by the IT professional publication, Cyber Defense Magazine, in 2012. The list of winners among other categories includes such companies as Zoom, Deloitte, Microsoft, etc.

In June 2022, thanks to ClearVPN, the Global Infosec Awards judges named MacPaw Hot Company 2022 in the VPN category. In July 2021, ClearVPN was awarded the international CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards in the Mobile VPN Solution of the Year category.

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