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A creative yogurt company was launched in Ukraine, which shows how strong and united Ukrainians are, and how beautiful Ukraine is

It would seem that you have eaten yogurt, but then what? The answer to this question was found in the creative agency Bickerstaff.239. They launched a new advertising campaign, the main goal of which is to show how strong and united Ukrainians are, and how beautiful Ukraine is.

With a camera obscura made from a yogurt jar, they took a series of photos for the Carpathian yogurt “Halychyna”, and the photos were placed on banners all over Kyiv.

The camera obscura is the prototype of the world’s first camera. It was mostly used to observe and create realistic drawings, when artists needed to transfer complex proportions, perspective and shadows from the real world to the canvas. Modern cameras and cameras are also based on the principles of operation of the pinhole camera. Previously, such cameras were made from a box or box, once even whole rooms were used, and now a creative agency decided to use yogurt jars.

“When we thought about the visuals for this campaign, we were guided by the idea of showing the world through the eyes of yogurt. Our manager’s boyfriend became the head of development. We had a total of 5 versions of the camera. Every time you do something you’ve never done before, it’s scary. But we were terribly interested in what would come of it,” says Bickerstaff.239.

Creating one camera took about 3-4 hours, but the final result depended on a lot of factors. Some failures could be explained and corrected, and some became a mystery for both organizers and photo experts. For example, one color film turned out to be white and green. There were many theories as to why this happened, but none of them were confirmed.

“You know, nobody noticed before that Karpatsky can see. Because few people even thought about how yogurt looks at the world. And it turned out that since February 24, he saw everything: how we change, unite, make the impossible possible and win. Ukrainians took him everywhere. Therefore, Karpatsky had nothing left but to “spy” on them and admire their courage and excellence wherever they were,” added Bickerstaff.239.


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