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Bean bag chair with their own hands. A lot of photos and detailed pattern

When bean bags become flickering on the TV screens in the studios of the various TV programs, the spectators thought – did this design really comfortable for sitting? Soon, all those interested were convinced in the level of comfort of the chair, but there were other issues – where to buy and how to fit this furniture in the interior. Read more about this and create a bean bag your hands will be discussed further.

The advantages of frameless furniture

Incredible comfort. The Particulate filler allows the seat to take the shape of your body, in whatever position you are. This lags significantly reduces the load on the spine and increases the effectiveness of rest. The chair provides insulation, retaining your body heat, not least when the problems with my back.
Absolute security. A beanbag chair has no sharp edges or faces of solid elements or small accessories, therefore suitable even for children’s rooms. Besides frameless furniture for children made from environmentally friendly fabrics.

Comprehensive practicality. Cleaning of the room will not be difficult, because the light weight chair allows you to move it even to a child. It is easy to clean from contamination and the chair itself, simply wash the removable cover.

Stylistic neutrality. Correctly choosing the color of the case and the type of material you can maintain the design of any interior. For kids make adorable soft chairs in the form of animals, smileys, balls, colors, with various applications. In the boy’s room will look great bean bag chair denim, embellished print. In modern interiors usually use plain frameless seat corresponding to the primary colors of the room. Retro or Scandinavian style can be supplemented with a plush fur armchair.

Tip! After making repairs, just book or sew a new cover, and the chair will not break the harmony of the design of the room.

Sew a beanbag chair yourself

First, prepare the materials and tools.

Fabric for inner cover. Give preference to inexpensive durable tkaniny white, other colors can be radiated through the outer case.
The fabric for the outer cover.
2 zipper.
Filling – polystyrene granules. Simply put, it’s the Styrofoam peanuts that are sold at the hardware store.

Sewing machine.
Graph paper patterns.
Pencil, chalk, ruler, pins.
Chair we will have pear-shaped, average size for an adult. When the width of the fabric is 1.5 meters for the domestic case need to cut 3.5 meters, external – 3.6 m. The length of the zippers 40 and 60 cm, respectively. The filler will need a quarter of a cubic meter.

Make a pattern according to the figure, keeping the size . Pear wedges 6 small hexagon is the height of the seat, and the bottom should have an oval shape. Two fragments of DNA depicted on the pattern, you will need two copies. The oval is divided into 4 pieces to save material when cutting.

Transfer the pattern to the fabric for the inner cover, using pins and chalk. Leaving allowances for seams at 1 cm, cut out all the details. Similar operations are holding a second type of tissue.

The sequence of actions

Najavljen all the details of the inner cover, then stitch the seams and ironed them with an iron.
Interconnects, pear wedges, stitch the seams and smooth the allowances to one side. Then execute the machine stitching from the front side, capturing inch allowance (this is for strength).
Join the side of extreme wedges, forming the pouch directly. Do the seams with a length of 40 cm at the top and bottom, and the remaining 40 cm sewn a zipper.
Primatte, and then pristatyti hexagon to the top of the “pear”. Do the same thing with the bottom.
Similarly, sew the outer cover and leaving the zipper Rossetti, inserted one case to another.
Fill the seat with foam and zippered zippered pouches.

Important! If you first fill the inner case with pellets of Styrofoam, then pull the second case is more problematic, but possible.
Saving a lot of money and acquiring useful skills, you will get a comfortable and stylish interior element for your home.
Bean bag chair with his hands – photo

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